!! OMG, Luke Evans shows off new leg tattoo on a beach in Australia !!

The newly-single Luke Evans hit the COVID-less beaches of Australia solo this week. The actor showed off a new leg tattoo peeking out from under his shorts. We’re sure a handsome beach bum will come along any day now and scoop Luke up! Check out more of him soaking up the sun after the jump!


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12 Comments on "OMG, Luke Evans shows off new leg tattoo on a beach in Australia"

  1. Not trying to be snarky but did anyone else think this looks like a lipo job? A good one, but still looks like liposuction – something a little uncanny valley?

  2. The hands don’t lie.

  3. He likes to swallow? I’d love to swallow him 😉

  4. He was not solo. He arrived with another guy. He’s cut from the picture but you can see his hand and he’s hot!

  5. I want to be positive, and say, “woo, he is so hot!” But I fear for this man. I am older than he is, but he has so much skin damage, he looks much older than me. His hands look like the hands of a 60-something year old. I would be shocked if he does not end up fighting skin cancer

    • I’ve been saying this forever. He’s obviously very attractive, but he needs to cool it with the tanning. He’s only 41 and looks rough. It’s not gonna bod well for him in a few years or he’s really going to have to hit up the plastic surgery and major skin treatments or just look 15 years older than he is.

  6. Why? Does that make him look cute(r), or just more stupid. Obviously, that’s the new addiction or drug. (Why do I do that? Well, because…..that’s what you DO!).

  7. He is breathtakingly beautiful!

  8. it’s a swallow….shocking 😉

  9. I need that naked and in my bed


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