!! OMG, gossip: Lupita wears yellow eyes and pink sparkly jumpsuit while promoting ‘US’ !!

We stan Lupita! [lainey]

Wendy Williams says she’s been living in a sober house [dlisted]

Amber Heard seen kissing IT director Andy Muschietti [evil beet]

‘I was a Soul Train dancer’ Charles Washington speaks [bet]

NYC announces Gay Pride Parade route [towleroad]

It looks like a one-day photoshop student made the posters for Tarantino‘s new Once Upon A Time In Hollywood film [celebitchy]

Did Tom Ford just shade Melania Trump? [instinct]

Is Benjamin Wadsworth worth your wad’s worth!? (say THAT ten times fast!) [gay fleshbot NSFW]

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1 Comment on "OMG, gossip: Lupita wears yellow eyes and pink sparkly jumpsuit while promoting ‘US’"

  1. Time to spill some Hollywood Tea!!

    Ok, I posted this on another thread several weeks ago. It is well known from the Hollywood blinds (for some time now) that Wendy Williams is being abused by her ABUSIVE husband. She has the battered wife syndrome, and keeps covering for him. She copes by taking LOTS of drugs which is why she fainted on her own set on live TV and keeps taking long breaks from the show, and then returning all “refreshed.” She has contemplated telling the world via a one-on-one sit down interview with Oprah, spilling the beans about her husband and the drugs. I guess she is NOT doing that, and just opting to keep reaching for the drugs. Poor thing. She will probably end up beaten to death or worse.

    Amber Heard…oh where do I start with this one? She was a “yacht-er.” A “yacht-er” is basically a B actors/singer/Youtube Influencer that put themselves out there for millionaire/billionaire yachting members for fame/money/clothing/trips…basically high-paid prostitutes. Oh, fat sheiks in Dubai pay well!! Amber has moved up from that a bit with her budding movie career, but she still will sleep with any director or whomever to get the part/money. Can’t take the whore out of the whore.

    Tarantino’s part of the Hollyweird Pedo Mafia. It is not wonder he is working with DiCaprio, who was passed around from one pedos to the next during his younger days. It is all one big HAPPY family who dotes on the kids. Gross.

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