!! OMG, WATCH: I 💖 MY second grader president !!

Cool story, bro! Check out Vic Berger‘s ‘I 💖 MY second grader president’ above!

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3 Comments on "OMG, WATCH: I 💖 MY second grader president"

  1. dude there is no point. I love that you are preaching love but the majority of the LGBT community has so much hate in them, they will never wake up. Ive tried so many times talking to my friends, because anytime Trump is mentioned they throw all their tolerance out the window and spit out so much hate towards him.. Just for me backing up my presented i am a “self hating gay, racist, bigot, transphobic sexist asshole” they wont listen, they are just sheep to CNN and other media…

  2. his dumb foreign gold-digging cockteaser must be so proud! he does make all the special-need Palins look a tiny bit less stupid tho…

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