!! OMG, WATCH: Madonna teases new album MADAME X !!

A new era of Madge is upon us! (Hopefully this one’s less try-hard than the last couple of albums). We’re rooting for Madame X to take us back to a time when Madonna wasn’t pandering to every young trend or popstar-of-the-week, and her focus was actually on strong songwriting! Fingers crossed. Check out her teaser above! Thoughts!?

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21 Comments on "OMG, WATCH: Madonna teases new album MADAME X"

  1. Obviously Robert can’t handle the fact that there are a lot of gay men who don’t like Madonna without taking it personally.

    • You can address it to me directly, and I think you are in the minority on this.
      And no need to be rude about it.

    • Yah. It’s kinda annoying how some people assume we all have a dedicated Madonna shrine….

      • I don’t have a Madonna shrine, but she has more talent and has earned more money than you can count on your tiny, little fingers. And has been a huge supporter.

        • And that’s fine dipshit. Of course shes loaded and has talent…Just don’t expect every homo out there to own her entire catalog of music and know it word for word
          Lol Tiny little fingers eh?I’m 6’4. Nothing tiny about me, but tiny hands would make dick pics more impressive. Do you have small hands Robert? If so, give that keyboard a break and help me update my dick pics. 😉

  2. Can’t wait!

  3. no thanks , she no GaGa.

  4. Is that Roseanne?

  5. Remember that time she kissed Drake and he had that look like he was just felt up by his granny? Yeah, this again.

  6. Cant wait. This looks good

  7. As she ages, she’s starting to look really scary.

  8. Maybe she can make out with a horse or expose her saggy ass and granny tits on some show to gain publicity and controversy since that is what has kept her in the public eye for these many years. This slag will do what it takes to appear relevant.

  9. I’m excited.

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