!! OMG, now Madonna has rap-sample beef with Tory Lanes !!

Pluto’s Last Comet by Canadian record producer Tory Lanes (which yes, also sounds like the name of a 1980s babysitter) is a new song that obviously samples Madge‘s classic ‘Into The Groove’ and fairly – Madonna isn’t happy. She’s also not above commenting on a bitch’s Instagram when Tor Tor’s lawyers don’t cease and desist! Via TMZ:

The song in question here is Tory’s recent track, Pluto’s Last Comet … and he’s been promoting it on his social media … but Madonna’s clearly not a fan. She believes the song — especially the beginning instrumental — is a rip-off of her earlier work.

Find the comment that Madge left on one of Tory’s IG posts after the jump!

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3 Comments on "OMG, now Madonna has rap-sample beef with Tory Lanes"

  1. A clear rip off. We don’t need to convene a jury. He could have heard an instrumental version (it exists) in an elevator or dental office and subconsciously absorbed it. But it’s her song. Something similar happened to, I believe, Mick Jagger and another artist. Mick gave the other artist song writing credit to resolve the issue.

  2. Well he’s more than half her age ( he’s nearly too old for her) maybe she can seduce him and use her old lady vadge and leather skinned bosom and her stretched and pinned face to get the truth out of him

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