!! Madonna-directed H&M commercial !!

“Designing” some items for H&M was not enough for Madonna, who also directed the commercials promoting her new line. It apparently underwent so many revisions that there is a “director’s cut” version, which contains all the campy tidbits that the editors took out. Watch it above.
And watch the final cut of the commercial that made it to TV after the jump.

(Via Oh La La Paris)

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10 Comments on "Madonna-directed H&M commercial"

  1. The “director’s cut” is so much better than the final TV version… Much more humorous and witty.

  2. I thought it rocked but I’m partial to Madonna. Even if I wasn’t I would still thought it was inventive and tic humorous.

  3. I’m not clear, was this made by Madonna or some anime nerd?

  4. It’s a really shitty ad, with the sterile aesthic of a skin cream commercial. The idea isn’t totally clear all it’s trying to say is Madonna gives H&M some sort of ‘high end’ cachet. Meanwhile it’s just about recruiting a big star to make the brand seem important. The ad isn’t very entertaining either, it’s frustrating. The plot isn’t clear and it’s unfunny, badly written and directed.

  5. so….am i the only gay dude in the world whoe doesn’t think that madonna hung the moon? i get so sick of homos pandering to her every move…get a life!

  6. Shaun Michaels | March 16, 2007 at 6:48 am | Reply

    As usual,Madonna wipes the floor on every level with all the wannabes out there! U go girl!

  7. Love it.
    I wish advertising would go this way more often. We could all use a little more outside of the box thinking. As a designer, I would like to see things in general be better thought out and better designed. I worked for H&M for a couple years and this will surely hit their target. Bullseye!

  8. I liked it. (I hate myself for pretty much loving everything she’s ever done, even Sean Penn.)

  9. It’s actually ‘co-directed’ by her, which means someone else really directed it.

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