!! OMG, the nominations are in: The 2021 Manatomy Awards !!

Best Nudecomer: Paul Mescal in Normal People

Each year the Manatomy Awards pay tribute to the hottest nude scenes in movies and television with categories such as Best Full Frontal, Best Gay Scene, Best Nudecomer and more.

This year, we’re highlighting some of the more obscure nude scenes with additional categories along with some very deserving stars. Scroll to the bottom to see who won the coveted Lifetime Achievement Award this year!

Check out our epic selection from the 25 categories along with winner reveals after the NSFW jump!

Manatomy Awards 2021

Check out all 25 categories of the 7th Annual Manatomy Awards! We’ve included some of our favorites below. Click to enlarge!

Best Cock Sock: Waël Sersoub in MILF. See more cock sock action!

Nude Debut: Daniel Kaluuya in Queen & Slim

Best Boner Pop – Gregório Duvivier in Invisible Life.

Best Rim: Kelner Macêdo, Felipe Frazão in Todxs Nós

Best Self Love: Parker Sawyers in P-Valley. There’s loads to wank to in P-Valley.

Best Butthole: Clément Naline in 7 Minutes

Best Sexual Conquest: Reggie Conquest in Insecure 

Most Spherical Balls: Hunter Emery in Hightown. Check out

Best Picture: The Prince

Best TV Show: Industry

Best Full Frontal: Tom Mercier, We Are Who We Are

Best Nudecomer:  Paul Mescal in Normal People

Best Butt: Nicholas Hoult in The Great

Best Gay Makeout: Andrew Rannells and Matt Bomer in The Boys In the Band

Best Pool Party: Jim Parsons in Hollywood

Best Wet Peach: K.J. Apa in Songbird

Lifetime Achievement:  Mark Ruffalo

See the rest of the categories here!

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7 Comments on "OMG, the nominations are in: The 2021 Manatomy Awards"

  1. People who find Mark Ruffalo attractive, can you explain it
    it to me?Because I just don’t get it…at all.

    • I see it. He has a Dilf sexiness about him

    • EverybodyHatesShannon | April 30, 2021 at 5:47 am | Reply

      He’s really attractive to me, and I obviously can’t explain it. I guess it’s just a matter of taste and sensitivity. And there is nothing wrong with the fact that you don’t find him attractive.

  2. Hello-

    is P Valley a U.S. t.v. series? if so I’ve never seen actor stroking his
    somewhat erect cock on a U.S. t.v. series/

  3. Fun fact: Gregório Duvivier’s popping cock is not Gregório’s.

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