!! OMG, quote of the day: Marc Maron wanted “Bad Education” to be more queer !!

“I thought I was auditioning for the role you had. I just didn’t want to do it. I read the script and I said I don’t want to do it. It was for Hugh Jackman’s boyfriend. He’s got nothing in there. I said, ‘If I’m going be gay in a movie, he would be a good guy to be gay with…

But there didn’t seem to be much to the role other than that.’ I said, ‘I’ll wait to be gay when there’s more gayness.’”

Comedian Maron, revealing that he auditioned to play the role of Kyle in “Bad Education”, but ultimately turned it down because it simply wasn’t going to be as queer as he’d hoped! Werk.

The Emmy-winning TV movie based on a true story starred Hugh Jackman as corrupt school district superintendent Frank Tassone who embezzled millions of dollars in school funds. Frank’s husband Tom was played by Stephen Spinella, while Rafael Casal portrayed his boyfriend Kyle, whose Las Vegas lifestyle was in part funded by the stolen money.

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