!! OMG, Mariah drops new Christmas song with Jennifer Hudson and Ariana Grande !!

Mimi, Ari, and JHud came together in Santa’s shop to sing a new holiday classic! They may not even be in the same room, and green-screened to the eyeballs – but one can’t help having a festive moment of whatever! Check out Oh, Santa! above!

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8 Comments on "OMG, Mariah drops new Christmas song with Jennifer Hudson and Ariana Grande"

  1. s Alfred-Sanford | December 6, 2020 at 11:10 pm | Reply

    I did not understand a single word that they sang? What happened to diction?

  2. The comments are really nasty. Mariah’s work is successful. We wish she does more creatively but she earned more than 60M$ with just that annoying song and generating more money and attention for other xmas avenues. You can hate her till her death but she is winning.

  3. Hudson for the win here. Mariah just sounds like a dying cat.

  4. She’s a VERY RICH and globally loved joke.

  5. This song is old. Just a new rendition.

  6. When did it become acceptable to dress like hookers in front of TV cameras when children are watching? Mimi thigh slit’s top isn’t that far from the bottom of her décolleté that points to her pubis; may she should just wear a belt next time.

    • Thank you!
      One can be open-minded, liberal, progressive, and love sexy-sex, but still see the need for protecting children and for decency when appropriate. Just being slutty or naked isn’t talent.

  7. Literally the only thing she is know for these days. Christmas. She’s a joke.

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