!! Mariah Carey gets ready to go running !!

She’s all set for a workout in that black velour sweatsuit, but Mariah Carey‘s pace might be hampered by the six-inch heels she’s wearing, or maybe by the dark sunglasses indoors. Maybe that’s why she has that large man to catch her if she falls.
Nevermind, scratch all of that… this is just her “airplane” outfit. Two more after the jump.

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1 Comment on "Mariah Carey gets ready to go running"

  1. her shades is smudged. and mariahdaily.com? who needs mariah daily? oatmeal maybe, but not mariah. still she’s so nice to her fans (at least on camera) that i do like her more than whitney britney christina celine put together. yet less than my of course faves dolly and patti.

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