!! OMG, how balanced: Omegas !!

Fish, flax seeds, fortified eggs: the health benefits of all these things have been trumpeted on labels and in articles for the past few years on account of their containing omega-3 fatty acids. What I never knew is that there are in fact three different types of omega-3s, and that eating them can not only help prevent heart disease and depression, but for an entirely different reason also help prevent cancer. I now know the difference between an omega-3 and an omega-6, why we need both, and why we need to keep the levels of both balanced in our bodies.
I learned all of this and more from the second article in Salon’s food series. Go read it, and eat healthier.

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  1. Yay, a health related post!
    There are more than three essential fatty acids. Omega 7 is often forgotten. You can get omega 7 through Macadamia nut oil or organic cold pressed olive oil. And seeing as though were on the topic, Essential Fatty acid deficiency can be an underlying cause of ADD and ADHD, so consider supplementing with EFA’s before you try that Ritalin.

  2. The best source of omegas is going to come from flax, nuts and things of this nature. Fish contain too many pollutants and heavy metals and that usually negates any benefit that you think you might be getting. You can find out more on the attached link:
    Mike Brazell CFT CSN MAT
    Certified Fitness Specialist

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