!! Mary-Kate Olsen is a wizardess !!

Mary Kate Olsen wizard
(Image Sources 1 and 2)
The small Elfin creature known as Mary-Kate Olsen may be letting her true colors show a bit lately. Required by her magickal order to keep a strictly low profile lest her powers be revealed, she is getting a bit sloppy lately and I have uncovered her secret. Please note the resemblance. One more after the jump.


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3 Comments on "Mary-Kate Olsen is a wizardess"

  1. well i actually thought she looked more like a gypsy,but why split hairs?

  2. I always thought there was something odd about Mary-Kate

  3. I LOVE MK, she’s so hip, she’s so cool…… man I love how she is so fuck you to the scene.

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