!! OMG, gossip: Matthew Mitcham is your new favorite author !!

For those of you that read: Matthew Mitcham wrote a book [towleroad]
Back sliding: Rihanna tweeted a photo of Chris Brown in bed [celebitchy]
And speaking of Twitter: The top 10 best TwitPics from Kim Kardashian [celebrity cafe]
Gossip, guuurl: Leighton Meester went topless for Flaunt Maazine [amy grindhouse]
Getting messy: Now Child Protective Services have gotten involved in that Halle Berry ex-husband craziness [evil beet]
Reportedly: Charlie Sheen is paying Lindsay Lohan‘s taxes [allie]
He can’t be stopped: Richard Simmons really, really likes butterflies [dlisted]
Give it a listen: Paris Hilton recorded a single with Lil’ Wayne [popbytes]
“Glowing”: Nikki Williams also has a new song, but this one is actually a song [arjan]
Today’s hottest hottie: Lucas Bernardini [socialite life]
Except for maybe: Eric Decker of the Denver Bronocs [kenneth]
Or: Rob Johnson [oh la la]
Bet you didn’t know: Michael Jackson was pro-life [tabloid prodigy]
But why? The Associated Press has removed “homophobia” from its style guide [joe]
Casting couch: Five celebrities who should star in actress biopics [after elton]
Speaking of which: Lady Gaga lovedlovedloved “Liz & Dick” …a lot [jezebel]
Want proof that people are awesome? Here [double viking]
Because she can’t go away: Amanda Bynes on Instagram in a turban [blemish]

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