!! OMG, he’s naked: Garrett Hedlund !!

By many accounts, Walter Salles‘ cinematic adaption of Jack Kerouac’s 1957 novel On the Road ain’t nothin’ much worth seeing — unless, of course, you want to see Kristen Stewart‘s nipples OR Garrett Hedlund‘s peep and bum. I bet you can guess which of the three you’ll find in NSFW stills after the jump. (Hint: No one should want to see Kristen Stewart’s nipples.)

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9 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Garrett Hedlund"

  1. There are some pretty dumb/ stupid remarks about this good looking guy’s cock. They say more about the low level of intelligence of the retards making the remarks than anything.

  2. So let us look at your comment then Chuck:
    “Are most dudes’ flaccid penises bulbs”
    well look at the angle, if you have any understanding of anatomy then you know the penis doesn’t extend from the right leg…so there is more than what you are seeing. Also the term “grower, not a shower” exists for a reason
    “I’m sure he’s perfectly normal when aroused, but as I said he appears a little chilly” So you admit he probably had a normal sized penis yet you feel the need to mock him for getting it out on film? why?
    “I’d be embarrassed to pull that out in a public restroom is all I’m saying” So you’d be embarrassed to to urinate in public with a normal sized penis?
    “but I imagine the shot isn’t flattering” So after admitting that its probably a normal sized cock you say it probably isn’t a flattering shot…yet you still feel the need to mock him? grow up man.

  3. Just saw On The Road today. As far as the comments go, I feel that some men are so beautiful, hot, and sexy, that they don’t NEED a Dick. Mr. Hedlund definitely falls in that category. I’m always amazed how stupid some gay men are, who assume that a small flaccid penis = a small erect penis! As someone who has seen about a 1000 or so in my lifetime, I can assure you that’s not the case! Orgasms feel great no matter how hung you are, and if it really bothers you, then flip him over!

  4. Apparently he’s Swedish, Austrian, German, Norwegian. Looks like his small dick came from the Scandinavian side lol

  5. Lol, Lee. Are most dudes’ flaccid penises bulbs? I’m sure he’s perfectly normal when aroused, but as I said he appears a little chilly. I’d be embarrassed to pull that out in a public restroom is all I’m saying, but I imagine the shot isn’t flattering.

  6. I LOVE Garrett so much!! He is absolutely amazing, so hot!

  7. No Chuck, he looks NORMAL.

  8. How funny, I just watched Tron: Legacy over the weekend and wondered what he was packing. The costumes weren’t as revealing as the 80’s Tron. He certainly is a good-looking man.

  9. Thanks for this, Phillip! I have such a crush on Garrett Hedlund and I only recently learned of this movie (does he actually bone Steve Buscemi?!). I had heard the movie’s star say he saw Garrett’s peen by the end of filming more than his own brother’s, but I wasn’t aware there was frontal in the movie. Hopefully some higher res screenshots will come available. Garrett looks cold. 🙂

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