!! OMG, ‘Maury’ has been cancelled by NBC after 31 years on the air !!

Grab your black veil, elbow-length gloves, that little black dress and a box of tissues – because you’re going to be mourning A LOT this week!

NBCUniversal has pulled the plug on Maury, hosted and executive produced by Maury Povich. The show will end original productions this season. Original episodes will air through September 2022, after which repeats of Maury will continue to air in syndication.

Ooof – this one hits hard! So much of who we are today was informed by how the guest of Maury resolved conflict. It has such an impression on us after school at an early age! thank you for giving us VICTORIA, Maury! And letting us know how to respond to an unexpected pregnancy. All the best in your retirement.

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3 Comments on "OMG, ‘Maury’ has been cancelled by NBC after 31 years on the air"

  1. Chicken Cacciatore!

  2. OhNoYouDidn't | March 21, 2022 at 8:22 pm | Reply

    And you can see her now in old age at Trump rallies at a city near you…..Oh yes, I did just go there. Maury and Jerry (Springer) were the original trash meisters.

  3. He should have quite years back with grace. Being cancelled is an embarrassment. Hahahahahaha!!!
    “Maury, you are NOT welcomed anymore”!!!! Just total garbage and boring!

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