!! OMG, solstice music: Mear ‘A Day of Light’ !!

Mear a Day of Light cover art by Kerry Zentner

Cover art by Kerry Zentner

The night is long, but never fear: Mear has released a surprise winter solstice EP and it is a seriously serene and uplifting winter mood. In their own words:

In celebration of the longest night of the year in the longest year of our lives we’ve released an EP called A Day of Light. It’s a 17-minute piece meant to be listened to in full, all at once. This EP was originally conceived as part of a dance commission for the Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre and Human Body Expression. Two soft, subdued vocal tracks sandwich two boisterous, electro-Celtic instrumentals perfect for your midwinter dance party around a bonfire.

Listen and purchase A Day of Light on Bandcamp here.

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