!! OMG, have you heard? Meghan Markle speaks on George Floyd’s death !!

Meghan Markle speaks out on George Floyd’s death during graduation address [socialite life]

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Voters oust Congressman Steve King, Iowa’s vile, 9-Term racist homophobe [towleroad]

Suddenly, that Kathy Griffin photo scandal isn’t looking so bad [instinct]

Brooklyn Nine Nine cast donated 100k to the National Bail Fund [celebitchy]

White extremists terrorize and loot: 14 videos of destruction Black people will be blamed for [bet]

Dreamstreet boyband singer Chris Trousdale dead from COVID-19 at 34 [boy culture]

Love a daddy with baggage! [gay fleshbot NSFW]

Ninja rat [dlisted]

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3 Comments on "OMG, have you heard? Meghan Markle speaks on George Floyd’s death"

  1. America is about to implode as the rest of the world watches in horror. Russia continually feeds the fans of hatred by pretending to be American citizens on social media and the Trump administration allows this to happen. Not only do they allow it to happen, they gladly hold the door open for Russia.
    The entire world can see that Trump is working on behalf of Putin, so why is it that Americans can’t see this? I’ll tell you why…48% of Americans hate gay/trans people so much, that they are willing to suspend their disbelief and align their morality with a lying fake president simply because he pretends to side with them against the people they hate so much.
    America, the Creator loves EVERY single one of His creations and who the fuck do you think you are to pass judgment on what He has brought into this world?

    • Gomorrah Jones | June 5, 2020 at 2:29 pm | Reply

      Your Prime Minister is doing a great job during covid. From what I have heard, hundreds of billions of dollars have given to the Canadian people and businesses. He’s also on TV almost daily keeping Canadians updated and giving them words of encouragement. We have had anything even close to that in 3 years. Our giant orange turd pretending to be the president only cares about himself and his rich buddies. I have actually read articles stating that Donald Dump could take lessons on how to be a real leader from Trudeau. Any one that thinks America is better than Canada needs to stop drinking the red white and blue kool-aid.

    • Trudeau Blackface enough said.

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