!! OMG, it’s a meme roundup: Gay Disappointment !!

This is a guest post written by @oheypete. Meme above is by @versfirst.

Hey guys! It’s @oheypete, digital content creator and curator. Wait — what does that mean…? Basically, it’s a more professional way of saying “I make gay memes on Instagram.” However, I’d like to think it’s “deeper” than that.

For me, the beauty of gay memes lies within the ability to explore intense topics and complex emotions that ordinarily may be too difficult or uncomfortable to talk about with friends IRL. It’s interesting how a simple 1:1 ratio square image can be SO provocative that it connects to LGBT people across cultures, all over the world.

OMG.BLOG asked me to curate a themed feature — offering an exclusive first peak at the gritty, irreverent, alternative, dark, crass, off-the-wall gay humor that lurks on Instagram, hidden just a few taps beyond the pristine veneer of influencer illusion.

Having run a few popular niche gay meme pages for over two years, memers like myself have unique insight into and directly influence the trends of “mainstream” gay internet culture.

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The underground gay meme pages of instagram are creative powerhouses — able to simplify & capture the essence of hyper-specific, salaciously shady, absolutely hilarious, eerily accurate moments in gay life that are often otherwise indescribable.

This week, we explore “Gay Disappointment” through memes. Which meme do you identify with the most? Check the rest out after the jump and comment below!

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3 Comments on "OMG, it’s a meme roundup: Gay Disappointment"

  1. Shaking my head.......... | August 21, 2019 at 7:27 am | Reply

    Let’s hope this unfortunate accident was a one off mistake……..

  2. Relatable af

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