!! OMG, Michael Henry and friends talk circumcision !!

A conversation the OMG comment section is VERRRRRY familiar with: Cut or uncut! Why or Why Not!? Check out comedian Michael Henry and friends talkin dicks above!

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14 Comments on "OMG, Michael Henry and friends talk circumcision"

  1. If the doctor that cut me was still alive; he wouldn’t be much longer. Unwanted body mutilation is against the law; how circumcision without the recipients consent is legal is beyond comprehension. As I have aged ; there is no doubt 55 years of my dick rubbing unprotected against clothing has diminished , substantially, the sensitivity. Circumcision is cruel and disgusting religious nonsense. I guess Issac is one of the few thankful for circumcision given the alternative was death.

  2. Luckily the Circumcision trend is rapidly declining. Usually the uneducated support circumcising. Most recent studies have been debunked on HIV transmission rates, it dramatically reduces sensitivity, and completely changes the function and how the cock actually works.
    These are all small facts in comparison to the fact that it should be the person’s choice. Circumcising babies is barbaric. No excuse.

  3. I’m cut but I LOVE uncut cock, the smell and taste is amazing. I love getting my tounge in and wrapping my tounge around the underside of the foreskin and licking up the precum… Amazing I’m hard even thinking about it

  4. Ironically in my own personal experiences I’ve found cut guys way less hygienic. Maybe it’s because they thought circumcision meant the work was done, maybe it’s because I had a bunch of dirty hook ups after leaving clubs. Who can say. Either way more to play with is better in my books.

  5. Uncircumcised all the way. The way nature intended… no nasty scars or dried up heads. There are some brutal circumcisions out there, some terribly butchered dicks!

  6. I think the main issue here is choice. Circumcising babies at birth is cruel. It would be better to wait until one is old enough to make this decision for oneself.

  7. cut cock all the way !!

  8. ⚡Circumcision is the ONLY way to go Bro!⚡ ️‍♂️

  9. sorry but CUT is far more natural than uncut even though we know most in the world are UNCUT.
    i just think a lot of uncut men aren’t great with cleanliness. You can bitch all you want, but it’s true. Plus cut is just prettier. Who wants an “anteater” cock? LOL

    • You understand that it is *literally* (like, by definition) LESS natural, right? Like, making a cut cock requires changing the natural human body. It is 100% not natural, whatever your preferences may be.

  10. cut cock 100% all the way! love it

  11. Tad McCawley | August 2, 2022 at 5:46 pm | Reply

    I have never understood the appeal of this guy. To call him a comedian is a massive overstatement. I just find him like a lot of Jewish gay guys I knew when I lived in Philadelphia.

  12. Hello-

    I firmly believe the ardent anti-circumcision movement of the last several years
    is based in anti-semitism.

    • I agree with big joe 59. Plus a lot of misinformation in that video as per usual. It makes it out like the us is the only country in the world that circumcises when in fact 1 in 3 men worldwide are circumcised. There are indeed health benefits to being circumcised (ie. reduced chance of Utis as child, reduced hpv transmission, and reduced heterosexual hiv transmission), but of course you didn’t hear them mention that. And they glanced over the fact that Freud also recommended cocaine for mental health treatment—I guess we should listen to everything Freud says.

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