!! Michelle Rodriguez is one hot lesbian !!

Watch out if you’re on the beach! Michelle Rodriguez is coming and she will kick sand in your pansy face!
Or maybe she will feed you a strawberry… Look after the jump to find out.
Enjoy the weekend, and if you haven’t done so yet today, please vote for !! omg blog !! so I can make it to the championship round of The Malcontent’s March gayness!

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2 Comments on "Michelle Rodriguez is one hot lesbian"

  1. ho0la michelle soy fan numero de ti te admiro mucho y te aprecio sigue asi no cambies x eres la mejor espero k me agregues soy [email protected] te kiero mucho y arriba las latinas please aguegame

  2. Maritza Roman | April 2, 2007 at 10:11 am | Reply

    Danm!she is a hot lesbian chick!I LOVE YOU MICHELLE!

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