!! OMG, he’s naked: Miguel Herrán in Modelo 77 !!

Maybe you know Miguel Herrán from early seasons of the preposterous Spanish-private-school-teens-gone-wild Netflix show Elite, or maybe you are one of his almost 13 million Instagram followers. Perhaps you’ve never heard of him, but might like to take in his ass anyway, as pictured in the film Modello 77.

Images after the NSFW jump!

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15 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Miguel Herrán in Modelo 77"

  1. Free pictures of naked guys. What’s there to complain about???

  2. I love your postings!

  3. I appreciate you sharing this blog post. Thanks Again. Cool.

  4. This needs to go to “OMG, his butt” and not “he’s naked”

  5. AGAIN you are promising ” naked ” when all we get is a shadowy pic of his ass ???
    Get real.

  6. Again, just a BUMmer of a post.

    When I’m reading “naked”, I’m hoping for some dong. Liked it better when you’d announce them cheeks as just that… :/

    • Skip- STOP! JUST STOP! Go find another blog to comment on.

      • Why? Most appear to agree.

        They used to distinguish between peen and butt posts, and those of us that didn’t care for the latter, simply avoided those.

        Now they seem to have changed it JUST for the clicks…

        Do you like click-bait as much as you like behinds?

        • Well it’s terrible the clickbait wasted your time … and also that you came back to respond and wasted it a second time. Did you fall for the clickbait again?

  7. Too dark to see anything. His ass isn’t that hot, I want to see his dick

  8. It’s too dark to see anything, his ass isn’t that hot, I want to see his dick!

  9. Tittylicious | March 3, 2023 at 5:44 pm | Reply

    Enough with the “OMG, he’s naked!” When it’s just “OMG, his butt!” *eye roll*

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