!! Mormon punished for anti-gay slur !!

Recent high school graduate Rebekah Rice just finished trying to sue her school for the right to say “that’s so gay.” While the phrase is so ubiquitous that I think it is sort of verging on mainstream acceptance, this story did make me chuckle, because Rice, when she was still in high school, was sent to the principal’s office by a teacher for saying “that’s so gay” to a classmate and then basically sent right back to the principal’s office by the ruling judge in her case.
I think it’s admirable a teacher would punish a student for perpetuating an already common yet offensive phrase, but Rebekah and her parents could not see past their own victimhood, as they were Mormon and apparently Rebekah got picked on. So naturally that entitles her to say whatever she wants. Or something.

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2 Comments on "Mormon punished for anti-gay slur"

  1. I really can’t take anyone calling herself “Rebekah” seriously.

  2. thinkbillly | May 17, 2007 at 9:22 am | Reply

    I was so glad to read this. I had the exact same situation with my nephew, referring to things he didn’t like as “gay.” To show him what it feels like to be on the target side of a comment like this, since he suffers from attention deficit disorder, we started to replace “gay” with “A.D.D.” Worked wonders!

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