!! OMG, quote of the day: Munroe Bergdorf urges LGBTQ+ people to take transphobia seriously “It will be gay people next” !!

“I hope that people are starting to listen to us now and see that we haven’t been hysterical all this time. We’ve been talking about very real ramifications of transphobia that is being disseminated by the media, supported by the government and propped up by a lot of people in positions of power.”

The star then urged people to “take transphobia seriously” and “understand that it is trans people today, but it will be gay people next. And then after that, it’ll be the next vulnerable person, then the next vulnerable person,” she continued. “So, we really need to understand that we are in this together. And if we don’t fight together, then we’ll be picked off one by one and divided.”

– English model and activist Munroe Bergdorf, stating that the “ramifications of transphobia” will be felt by all LGBTQ+ people unless the community comes together.

[via gaytimes]

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16 Comments on "OMG, quote of the day: Munroe Bergdorf urges LGBTQ+ people to take transphobia seriously “It will be gay people next”"

  1. Maybe instead of talking to gay people about this, you should address Caitlyn Jenner and other homophobic trans people who keep attacking us.

  2. I have no idea who this person is but it won’t be gay people next. It already is gay people, along with trans people, black people, jewish people, atheists, and anyone else who’s considered different than the majority depending on where you live. And despite things changing somewhat over the years, the hatred hasn’t gone away. It just isn’t supported by the government as much at the moment.

  3. what the hell is she talking about? Bitch homophobia never stopped

  4. Has homophobia stopped?

  5. Sis, you’re a little late to that particular party.

  6. Amen, Mike. After I was outed at school in 2001, I feared for my safety everyday. There were actual plots to ambush and hurt me.

  7. they will be coming for gays next? umm…then what do you call what society has been doing to gay people since like…the beginning of recorded history? was that all just a fever dream? spoiler alert, they wont be coming for us next, because they never STOPPED coming for us in the first place.

  8. Whoever decided to throw trans people in with gay people can take all the responsibility for these reactions. My being gay has nothing to do with people making decisions to be trans. That’s their choice and they have the right to choose their direction. I didn’t choose gay, but am completely happy with being so. I don’t want to be grouped together with a whole alphabet of people with different interests. I’ve never felt different, never had to dress or act differently. I love and appreciate masculinity to a fault. You don’t bring dog lovers to a cat show. You don’t feed meat to a vegetarian.

    • Wtf is this comment? Being trans comes as naturally to people as being gay comes to you. The reason we get grouped together is because society its very restrictive and limiting definitions of gender and sexuality on us and punishes us for not meeting them. You can rant all you want about embracing masculinity but as long as you like men you are a failed man in the eyes of “traditionally”-minded people because “real men” don’t like men. So you can support people on the margins alongside you or be a hypocrite. That’s the real choice here.

  9. Not interested in anything this racist, homophobic, misogynistic loon has to say.

  10. Umm,, Munroe hun, the gay community has been demonized since before I came out, has been hunted, murdered, beaten to the point of death, labeled “Pedophiles” and accused of grooming everything from babies to old people to be gay. Using your celebrity to further the cause would be to link up with as many outreach programs as you can and make your voice heard.

    • Exactly! This person’s message is very confused – gays have born the brunt of hatred and violence for millennia. Which government is supporting transphobia? What media is dissemeninating misinformation? Some truths, some falsehoods. Be careful when you start to lecture the generation that lived through the AIDS crisis! We know a few things about sticking together.

    • Do you understand intersectionality or do your politics just exist within the white gay experience? Are there different gay men being murdered nearly every week in America? No. Is this happening to trans women of color nearly every week in America? Yes yes it is. She means to the extremes that trans people face such persecution. Yet the gays keep downplaying trans experiences of violence and are historically and currently the gatekeepers within the LGBTQ2A community.. How do you know she isnt linked with outreach services? Likely she had to recieve outreach in her life. When you’re trans you don’t have a choice whether to be a political figure or not, just merely surviving is fucking radical if you’re trans esp a woman of color. Does she have an obligation to be the perfect example of a trans activist for you to deem her experience worthy? Trans women experience violence from both homophobic ppl and transphobic ppl (many who are gay men) because they are seen as feminine men for the many who do not pass. Don’t pretend you know what it’s like to be a black trans woman if you’re a cis gay man, the life experience and priveledges are very different.

      • You seem to be assuming a LOT about me, and also a LOT about Munroe. Unless you were hired as a spokesperson, why don’t you just state your own opinions and not attack others responses? Additionally, based on many years of past comments by a certain “Morgana”…I’m gonna just go get a drink or something cause I’m done here.

  11. I don’t think it will be gay people next. But it’s the same bullshit we dealt with – all this talk about how children are at risk, being groomed and confused, parents are having unwanted beliefs “shoved down their throats”. These are the last gasps of an outdated culture that doesn’t have a real leg to stand on. But still, it puts trans people in danger, and it’s internalized in ways that will have a lasting impact on trans youth. We should care about that as human beings, as people who have experienced the damage ourselves, and as allies. What we’re seeing now all over social media is disgusting.

  12. She’s not wrong! Speak up for your trans brothers and sisters TODAY!

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