!! OMG, he’s naked: Aaron Taylor-Johnson goes FULL frontal in ‘A Million Little Pieces’ !!

WOW! Actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson‘s johnson really takes the crown from Michael Fassbender! Be careful not to poke your eye out with his appearance in A Million Little Pieces after the NSFW jump! (Nothing little about these pieces!)


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83 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Aaron Taylor-Johnson goes FULL frontal in ‘A Million Little Pieces’"

  1. Mauro Ciprianno | May 10, 2022 at 9:32 am | Reply

    Aaron Taylor johnson is very fine-looking man.

  2. I see why he is keeping that cougar HAPPY!

  3. Aaron Taylor-Johnson is very Yummy, I wanted fuck all days with it in my bed.

  4. Nothing wrong with a pretty cut dick!

  5. Since I’ve already seen “it” elsewhere, I just came here to see if anyone would be doing the usual, “It’s kinda small” thing (no matter how big it is) Either Taylor-Johnson’s goods are enough to silence the minimizers, or we’ve all just segued to the “real of prosthetic?” debate.

  6. renanrodrig1 | June 5, 2020 at 12:43 am | Reply

    nice big dick, yeah! ;p

  7. Bruce Alexander | May 28, 2020 at 11:19 pm | Reply

    Jesus, would I love to play with that beautiful cut cock. The way his balls swing in that one scene made my mouth water. I want to suck him SO bad. Then when he turned around and I saw that gorgeous ass, I almost lost it. This guy is so hot!

  8. ..OK hats off for him going naked though his penis looks thin and pencil like?? When he moves suddenly it looks like a prosthetic.It seems like he’s been stretching it.

  9. It is his real cock. You can’t get a prosthetic to strap on during the scenes he did. It’s impossible. He also has no problem going nude as he’s been naked in many films and that is his real thing. He’s a gorgeous man clothed or unclothed and he’s a good guy able to be in a serious long term relationship from such a young age and still be together. I’ve seen them together and it’s like they’re on their first date. He adores his wife beyond measure. Guys like that are rare especially gays.

  10. Yup, I watched the movie which, except for the “nudity”, is basically a made for TV movie.
    Both cocks are fake. They appear to be silicone. The fakeness is even more obvious since Ribisi has the exact some cock (length and slinky-like bounciness) as Aaron. Apparently Ribisi didn’t want to be left out. Since we have already seen Ribisi’s cock we know this long, boucy one is fake too.

  11. Man!! I been a fan of Aaron since kickass!! I always wonder did he have a big tool!! And i am so so glad it’s what i imagine it would be!!! He is so sexy… Big fan…

  12. is He Jewish?
    Is he actually circumcised. It’s hard to tell

  13. That dick is KICKASS!

  14. As much as I hate to say it, I’m now in the “it’s fake” camp.
    It moves more like silicone than a real one. The fakes are getting so much better that it’s hard to tell.

  15. Hungbig Nblack | December 18, 2019 at 7:47 pm | Reply

    OMG check out this compilation of Aaron that #bulgecrush made of all that meat over the years:

  16. I don’t even care if it’s real or not at this point. I have never boned up so hard for anyone as much as I do Aaron.

  17. Tom Ford said he was so hung he cut his dick out of nocturnal animals because it would become the atj penis movie! Like this is!

  18. Who think its real and erect ?

  19. He’s so sexy. Beautiful, muscly athletic body, tight ass, gorgeous face, perfect length cock. Mmmm. My ideal type of man.

  20. I’ve been waiting to see his nudes since Kick-ass when he wore the suit a couple times in the movie and had a full on vpl. So now that I have I just have to say I’m impressed, hopefully it’s not fake, and his wife is very very very lucky

  21. I guess we’ve all forgotten Mark Wahlberg in Boogie Nights? That wasn’t real either….Just saying.

  22. Shannon's poodle | December 10, 2019 at 12:47 am | Reply

    If you watch some of the caps his penis changes size. I think someone added an extra inch or two with cgi. You can clearly see his penis is no where near that long when he pulls his pants up at the party scene. So either he has a very floppy erection/semi or I think only about 75% of the dick is real fellas. The balls look entirely original though and the incredibly loose scrotum holding them.

  23. Dayum! I always knew he was hung and now we all know ❤❤❤

  24. elsayed ismail | December 9, 2019 at 5:28 pm | Reply

    he is hot, his dick is long ,his butt is nice beautiful

  25. I’ve always loved this guy – I think he is so attractive and ha such a hot body – and he was one actor that I’ve always hoped to see do a full frontal scene in a movie one day. With that said, I am disappointed that he “appears” to be circumcised. However, one pic does seem to show that he is intact and his foreskin is partially covering or about to roll over the head of his penis. OTOH, it doesn’t “hang” properly for it to be a real penis. A penis that big, long, and heavy should “probably” hang straight down due to weight and gravity. In pics 21-24 and 26-29. his penis sticks over in one direction instead of hanging straight down. In pics 21-34 he’s kneeling down to his left side over the guy in the shower but his very big and long and heavy penis is hanging/pointing to the right. It just seems odd to me. The other explanation is that he is semi-erect or just plain erect in those photos. So please don’t get upset at me. Just expressing my opinion. Was excited to finally see him do a full frontal but just disappointed that he “appears” to be circumcised.

  26. Its not a prosthetic people. That’s his real cock, infact his dick has been making headlines since 2010 when he decided to take a stroll in his “Kick Ass” costume as a teen.
    He IS very well hung and his 52yo wife is damn lucky… and smart for locking him up at such a young age.

  27. Well this Avenger definitely has a beautiful cock! The rumors are true: he’s very hung and no wonder his wife won’t unwrap her legs from him! Great shots! Wish we could see more of Ribisi as well!

  28. Damn he’s hot. I’d like to slob on that knob

  29. Derrick Johnson | December 8, 2019 at 8:40 pm | Reply

    Not hating. But most of the time it looks either CG or like a prop.

  30. Oh fuck. i`d suck him off big time.

  31. I had to laugh at the comment that someone said he is wearing a prosthetic. There are other scenes too where it is clear it is not prosthetic….and he is VERY well endowed.

  32. Damn that is a big dick!

  33. Great Cock.

  34. Richard Vestal | December 7, 2019 at 8:30 pm | Reply

    I’m pleased in what I’m seeing, very pleased

  35. Prosthetic. It doesn’t move naturally.

  36. Always knew he was packing from the pronounced bulge in ‘Kick-Ass.’ Glad I finally got to see it! Beautiful cock!

  37. I actually think he’s pulled his foreskin back (he’s playing American?) because one of the shots where his penis is wagging around, the second to last one of him in the shower, it looks like his foreskin is rolling forward.

  38. Anyone who says he’s wearing a prop penis is a jealous b1tch. It’s obvious this is the real deal.

  39. Pretty sure it’s been enhanced with CGI. Look at that shot where he’s first standing and you can see his cock to the right of that guy’s head (5th image), it looks uncut and smaller, then when he moves to the left it suddenly grows huge and cut. When you watch that scene in the movie you can literally see it change within a few frames. That’s not 100% natural.

  40. Pai amado, que delicia!!!

    Oh god, ohhh my goood, so fucking delicious cock, omg, i was waiting for this has a long time, and now, it’s the time hehehe, i always loved Aaron, they are my favorite sexy handsome man and actor, and see that, very hung , Wooow, thank you lord hahaha

  41. He’s so fucking hot. I’ve been waiting to see this for so long. And long it really was.. mmmmm

  42. Is this a sex scene or a fight scene? His cock is perfection. Always found him to be quite cocky, now we know why.

    Are there any gifs? Want to see it flopping around in all its glory.

  43. Where’s Shannon? She hasn’t commented yet. Is she out of insults because it’s actually a genuinely hung rod, or is she busy under her bridge doing troll chores like dusting the sewerage pipes and cleaning the warts on her nose ?

    Good cock and actor- delish

  44. If that is his real penis while it is very impressive it’s also obvious he fluffed beforehand.

  45. Having worked on sets that is definitely a prop. Had to witness the attachment of these on the Spartacus set and it is a shame because a real cock looks so much better.

  46. Finally, a good reason to go to the movies.

  47. Giovanni Ribisi looked hard in one of the shots.

  48. He already gave multiple interviews asked about it, its real. His is nice, and he’s hot, but Fassbender’s is bigger!

  49. I love that he also has a beard around his huge cock. #StopShavingYourPubesEveryone

  50. Holy shit!!! I’ve been waiting so fuckin long to see his cock! Defenetly not disappointed!!!!! Beautiful man beautiful cock!

  51. Prosthetic

  52. Hello-

    is it known to be a prosthetic or was someone just jealous?

  53. Fassbender still got the crown. Taylor-Johnson’s cock is pretty long and impressive, but Fassy’s girth is definitely what gives pleasure.

  54. Jesus! I will be very disappointed if that’s a prosthetic. He’s giving Fassbender a run for his money.

  55. He’s Jewish that’s probably why he’s circumcised

  56. Hot Damn.
    don’t bust my bubble to figure out if it is all his or not.
    Either way is fine with me.

  57. It is obvious he is wearing a prop penis, sadly.

  58. My lord in heaven! That dick is slapping all over the house! No wonder his wife Sam isn’t letting him go!

  59. Imagine it being hard. Damn his wife is lucky.

  60. I really hope that’s fake coz he’s British and really shouldn’t be circumcised unless there’s a specific medical reason

  61. Damn he is well hung.

  62. You have no idea how long I have been waiting for this!! Gasp! haha I had a feeling he was packing! le sigh

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