!! OMG he’s naked: Actor Harry Lawtey in HBO’s ‘Industry’ !!

LAWTEY LAWD! The blond actor isn’t the only handsome man to bare it all in the series either! Check out Harry Lawtey in HBO’s Industry after the NSFW jump!


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18 Comments on "OMG he’s naked: Actor Harry Lawtey in HBO’s ‘Industry’"

  1. Richard Vestal | November 22, 2020 at 6:50 pm | Reply

    Yum. Yum. Yum

  2. America the pudre and its stupid-a$$ prosthetic penises. ‍♂️

  3. He’s cute, but I vote fake cock.

  4. He can put that in my ass. If it doesn’t come off, we will know it’s real.

  5. Fake! Why not get a nice looking cock if it’s gonna be a prosthetic?

  6. He is hot white boy, and he doesn’t shave everything off just to prove that he has a longer dick.
    Yeah for HBO show more guys naked !!!!

  7. Why bother make a naked scene and use a prosthetic. Make no sense.

  8. That doesn’t look like a real dick. But Mr. Lawtey sure is hot.

  9. This is 100% a prosthetic… zoom in on the pics and it’s obvious

  10. sorry to say yall, but that peen is 100% fake and looks like the standard prop-sfx fake dicks.

  11. Something makes me think this is what is a cup prosthetic. Where the dick and balls are all in one. The coloring of it is kinda yellowish and his pube line is thick and high. So I’m not quite sure. But if its not…yes, he has an amazing size.

  12. I wish he would have turned around…..I love cake!

  13. i screenshot all that scene. i think he is wearing a prosthetics there is an odd shadow around the pubes that i cant get round what would it be. if it is not a prosthetics wow… salivating.

  14. Stunning. I was hoping this scene would be posted here 🙂

  15. He’s very cute, especially in the first pic in the gray T-shirt and the black and white photo. Those eyes!

  16. Hooray! Pubes are back!

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