!! OMG, he’s naked: Actor Jesuíta Barbosa !!

Actor Jesuíta Barbosa appears to bare it all in several films after the NSFW jump! This Brazilian hottie definitely isn’t shy!


Jseuíta Barbosa em ensaio fotografico.

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18 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Actor Jesuíta Barbosa"

  1. Richard Vestal | January 19, 2021 at 11:14 pm | Reply

    Sweet, the man man is hot and looks sweet like a cinnamon roll. Delicious looking, I want my mouth on him.

  2. Jesuíta is a crush of mine it’s been ages… It just took about five years for OMG to discover this scenes of him. Better late than never. Hope to see more of him soon. What a sight for sore eyes!

  3. Flat ass? Are you kidding? That’s a peach.

    NO ASS……………

    • Isn’t it comforting you won’t actually ever have to make that choice? I doubt you EVER have to ask yourself “do I want to sleep with the guy or not.”

      • @Dover Hmm…you must be new to the internet. You just fed the Troll…

        • @OK- you must be new to this site. I have been commenting on SHANNON’s drunken, psychotic posts literally for years. The only time I comment here is on her posts. He/she/it is either sitting in North Korea logging comments (judging by the odd hours they post) or a drunken skank sitting in a basement rec room with nothing better to do.

          • @Dover …dangggg baby boy, you gonna her that of energy? negative peeps love any and all form of energy. but you do you ❤️

  5. He’s GORGEOUS!! Yeah, he’s got a flat ass but that big, beautiful, fat ass uncut dick more than makes up for it!

  6. Funny little slug!

  7. What a rly nice looking guy!!!

  8. Blaaaaaah

  9. Beautiful. Sexy.

  10. Were I single and younger, I would be tempted to be a stalker. This is exactly the “type” I’d long for, seek out, fight for. Just beautiful!!

  11. I like to touch it.

  12. Give me a shot at that chubby uncut dick …

  13. Pretty eyes no ass but yea I would

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