!! OMG, he’s naked RETRO EDITION: Al Cliver goes full-frontal in Laure (1976) !!

Blond cutie Al Cliver showed it all off fin the movie Laure back in 1976. Check him out after the NSFW jump!


Al Cliver nude

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13 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked RETRO EDITION: Al Cliver goes full-frontal in Laure (1976)"

  1. What a beautiful man! Men don’t look like this anymore. Time for the 70s to make a comeback.


  3. Very hot back in the day, but as with 95% of good looking blondes…it’s about the ass, not the dick.

  4. You can catch him in Lucio Fulcis original ZOMBIE which has been making the cable rounds of late. Very handsome, beautiful hair, lots of water scenes with clinging wet clothes.

  5. There is a clearer frontal of Cliver at the bottom of this site https://www.pulpinternational.com/pulp/keyword/Al+Cliver.html

  6. Love him! He is in a lot of the Italian horror movies I enjoy so much. Beautiful man.

  7. Handsome strawberry blond Egyptian-born Italian, Pierluigi Conti. One of the rare blond Italians who ended up in B-films and spaghetti westerns, like Terrence Hill. “Spaghetti westerns” were simply films produced cheaply and on a conveyor belt in Italy, using a mix of nationalities of actors; shooting was without audio, with actors mouthing script in their native languages – but then English or Italian sound dialog was added in post production.

    Why are they bringing up his name now? He’s now 70.

  8. WOW!!
    That is a hot beautiful man, and I love how natural he looks… not primped, pumped, plucked, or shopped. Authentic!

  9. Jeeze hes hot as hell. Or at least was lol

  10. Hottie!

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