!! OMG, he’s naked: Reality TV explorer Bear Grylls shares full-frontal clip !!

Do like Bear Grylls and JUMP into a gallery of TV-explorer Grylls full-frontal in a video he shared recently after the NSFW jump! Grrrrrrr!


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30 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Reality TV explorer Bear Grylls shares full-frontal clip"

  1. I have always heard that the UK and Europeon versions of bear grylls programs always had uncensored nudity. I would of loved to seen the unscensored version where he sticks a knife to his hand in extremely cold weather if he would of tried to take it off he would of ripped of skin like sticking your touge stuck to a ice cold pole. he then said he pee on your hand so he peed on his hand and off came the knife. i would love to see his dick and him peeing.

    • Actually, it’s not true that the Europeon versions contain uncensored nudity. Most of them are always censored.

  2. Bruce Alexander | March 1, 2020 at 12:03 pm | Reply

    Mmmmmmmmm delicious! Now who wouldn’t want to be stranded in the wilderness with him? Makes my mouth water. I just wish some of the pictures were clearer and/or sharper.

  3. We have seen his dick before. He generally had a nice Bush but I though he was uncut.

  4. Yum. I would drain that beautiful dick in a hearbeat. Bear is so hot. I would be his slut anything he wanted no questions asked.

  5. And in ten minutes he will be trying to drink piss or something piss related!

  6. where is that video from? I want the video

  7. elsayed ismail | February 29, 2020 at 9:18 am | Reply

    he has nice dick

  8. Love it.

  9. Awesome penis, Bear!

  10. Where is the video?


    • Don’t quit your day job… night job? I suppose being a giant twat waffle requires you to be flexible.:)

    • Oh look who was just released from an extended stay in the lock down ward! Did they make you take ice baths and do electro-shock? And of course you’e posting at 2:06 am which means you’re completely shit-faced, cigarette hanging out of the corner of your mouth, swilling cheap vodka and Tab from a crusty Santa mug….You don’t need to worry about Bear or any real man.

    • Why are you still alive? Your parents should be ashamed. Any sane parent would have drowned you at birth.

  12. fantastic

  13. So yeah um, where can we find the video

  14. Hahaha Really didin’t need to see that. Now if it was Nick, Oh Baby! I’d get Jealous.

  15. Awesome, now I know that Bear Grylls is circumcised!

  16. Bear is so HOT

  17. Sack that cameraman !!!

  18. O yea I would hot hot hot

  19. Hello-

    i guess he’s extremely camera friendly. or maybe he’s just
    an exhibitionist.

  20. Anytime, anywhere.

  21. Yum yum yum! Beautiful cock on this rugged beauty!

  22. Yay I want to suck it. Where was this video posted???

  23. Hot!!! Anyone know where I can see the video?

  24. Hm… must be chilly out…

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