!! OMG, his butt: John Cena in ‘PEACEMAKER’ !!

In ‘PEACEMAKER’, John Cena plays Christopher Smith/Peacemaker: A merciless killer who believes in achieving peace at any cost! Even dancing around constantly in his tighty-whities and having gang-bangs – apparently! Check out big Cena after the NSFW jump! Have you been watching, OMG?


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9 Comments on "OMG, his butt: John Cena in ‘PEACEMAKER’"

  1. I am kinda all turned on by his big sexy feet/soles!

  2. I wish he goes frontal nude in some of his future projects.

  3. Honestly now that I know that HBO Max is showing more male ass in their DC content I plan on fully supporting the content. Good Job DC and HBO.

  4. Mr. CHINA CCP John Cena. The same guy who defended China for covering up COVID in early 2020, supported the Hong Kong crackdown, boycott film premier in Taiwan, and plays ignorant to Xinjiang Genocide and forced sterilization and the killing of homosexuals.
    His ass is as worthless as his personality. Move on next!

  5. The costume designer should be fired – he should be wearing a thong

  6. This one is good, wish they had took better shots of it. John Cena is not my type but his ass is good.

  7. john cena he sexy

  8. Where’s the ass??

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