!! OMG, his butt: Justin Timberlake gets down to business in ‘Palmer’ !!

Justin Timberlake is back at acting and stars in Palmer, a film where he bangs some lucky lady against the wall while looking like a Sons of Anarchy castmember. Check him out after the NSFW jump!


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23 Comments on "OMG, his butt: Justin Timberlake gets down to business in ‘Palmer’"

  1. I will never understand why people think JT is attractive. His face is downright homely, and I see nothing impressive about his body, either.

  2. Ew he’s a misogynist douche bag who capitalised from throwing Britney Spears under the bus and throwing her to other misogynistic media wolves

  3. The last photo with the gif was hot. He can still get it

  4. I’ve had a crush on JT since I was a child. He’s aged, but he’s still smoking hot and I love his dad bod and thick beard. Jessica Biel is really lucky.

  5. Getting old.

  6. It might be fun to see these photos but let’s be real, no celebrities are having an ass or dick shot without a body double, prosthetic, etc.

  7. Why can’t I meet a man that looks like that to marry……..

    • JT is a little hottie, the more older he gets, but his @ss is nothin’ 2 write hme about… It’ just Ur average lookin’ @ss! Which isn’t a bad thing… Mind U. – Grey

  8. what butt? it’s flat!!! LOL!!!

  9. meh

  10. Sorry but the way that scene is edited I think it’s a stand in. I don’t think it’s really his ass. Either way he does nothing for me.

  11. Well keep yo ass

  12. Good question.

  13. He’s part of how I realized I was gay back in the late 90’s. So sexy.

  14. So unsexy…no matter how hard he tries…..Mark Walberg…now he’s been a stud for years…

  15. I love the beefier body but got no love for that flat ass.

  16. What makes him so hot?

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