9 Comments on "OMG, their butts: Pol Monen, Javier Morgade & Álex Villazán in Netflix series ‘Alma’"

  1. Thianchai Thanaphat | May 18, 2023 at 7:31 am | Reply

    I was lucky to be the tour guide for Pol Montanes on his visit to Bangkok (that’s his real name- Pol Montanes Enrich, abbreviated to Pol Monen on screen). He’s even more handsome in person – Extremely charismatic and superbly, magnificently fit. One of those gorgeous men who look equally good clean shaven (as he normally is) or with a slight beard as he shows in this series “Alma”.

    Pity that I could never see him in less than his T shirts and Jeans/ Cotton pants, but his rocking taut physique was evident even beneath the tee. His arms were so tempting, it was really all I could do to not ask him if I could feel his biceps! And a very nice guy to boot- never kept the team waiting and was unfailingly pleasant and modest. No starry airs whatsoever. I must confess, I used to land up more than an hour earlier at the hotel than the pickup time, hoping to see him at the pool. Never got lucky enough for that, but mental visions of Pol in a speedo / swim shorts have provided me *very* thrilling JO fantasies in the months since!

  2. The highlight of this tantalizing series was the very tender and romantic lovemaking scene between Pol Monen (Bruno) and Javier Morgade (Martin). The entire track between “Maruno” was exquisitely taken- the yearning, the intense connect they feel amidst the insecurities/doubts they each face. The chemistry between the actors was splendid- evoked just the right crackling passion/sexual tension as well as a palpable affection. There better be a season 2 for this series as Bruno & Martin deserve a proper ending (ofc together!) than the cliffhanger they left us and them! with in season 1.

  3. I knew him and I always wanted to see him naked… but fuck, he has exceeded my expectations!! he is so fucking hot!! one of those thing I never thought I’de see:
    villazan bent over, almost doggy-style!! showing us properly his great ass!! fuck, just stay still… how much I’d stick my tongue between his buttocks… licking deeply his shaved anus… and then fuck him hardly!!

  4. This is a great supernatural thriller! Lots of subplots that keep you engaged. And the cast is beautiful! Martin and Bruno, especially. There may be the quickest flash of peen from Roque in one of the later episodes.

  5. Robert Prince | August 26, 2022 at 9:15 pm | Reply

    I remember the days when you used to show really good pics of good looking male butts. Unfortunately those days appear to be over…

  6. That was a sexy bed time.

  7. God bless Europe

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