!! OMG Playlist: August 2022 !!

OMG Playlist August 2022

Every month, our music editor ED curates a special selection of newly released music for the OMG Playlist on Spotify (follow us @omgblog).

So, we’ve almost made it through the summer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep it high key! We have collected a fresh batch of new releases to keep the party going.

This month, we’re loving Isabella Lovestory’s mixtape Sexo Amor Dinero which means “Sex Love Money” if you don’t speak Spanish! Isabella Lovestory always brings it with her alt-electro-reggaetón beats and Y2K inspired visuals. Have fun shaking your ass to this one!

Now that we’re out of quarantine, there can be songs about going on bad dates again, and we wouldn’t want it from anyone else other than Carly Rae Jepsen!! Check this one out if you’ve been having bad luck dating this summer, or if you enjoy pleasure to your ears, because that is what Carly Rae delivers.

Planningtorock released “Get your Fkin Laws off my Body” this month—and we love a political banger right?? Whether you’re left or right, NO ONE likes being told what to do, so this song is for everybody!

And it doesn’t stop there! Enjoy over two hours of fun new tracks from Four Tet, Nicki Minaj, M.I.A., Little Dragon, and much more!

Stream the entire playlist above or on Spotify.

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