!! OMG, he’s naked: Captain America’s Chris Evans leaks his own nudes !!

Always check your camera roll before posting a screen recording of your phone, folks! Check out Captain America aka Chris Evans breaking the internet after the NSFW jump!


chris evans nude

chris evans naked

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48 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Captain America’s Chris Evans leaks his own nudes"

  1. UNDER……..

  2. I hope we get to see more of this cock!! He can literally use that huge cock head as his shield! What a power manhood!

  3. In the first picture, if you look quickly, it looks like he’s holding a knob in his right hand!

  4. Other actors like Mark Ruffalo responding online gently teasing him but supportive. Chris Evans has tweeted, ‘now I have your attention, vote this November.’ Yeah, he’s claimed it. With humor. Because it is fairly standard issue you know. Would be a lot more sexy if we could see same in larger context–head to toe. But, it’s his….

  5. Hello-

    the photo at the beginning of this article is from a photo shoot Chris
    did for I think for Flaunt magazine in say 2007? i remember his agent saying
    the shoot would end his career since the shoot would be perceived as gay.

  6. Captain my Captain. Beautiful just beautiful.

  7. Bruce Alexander | September 15, 2020 at 4:31 pm | Reply

    I’m not American but Canadian, and I would be proud to stand at attention (and on my knees) saluting that baby. God it looks so delicious.
    There are so many people on here that state that he fucked them or their friends. I would love to hear the stories behind that.

  8. Hello-

    If that absolutely extra yummy hard cock isn’t his has he point blank
    said so? my point being if he hasn’t said point blank that its not his than
    it probably is.

  9. I heard about this on the weekend and researched it on Twitter…and omg for real! :O

  10. This picture/story/everyone’s reaction is completely & utterly boring. WHO FUCKING CARES? The human race has totally tanked. Thankfully he is a really decent person and is using it for the greater good.

  11. Captian Amera has a whole new meaninfor me now! Thank you Chris. I just wish there was more and clearer photos of him nude. He is a beautiful man (gay or straight).

    • Bruce Alexander | September 15, 2020 at 4:44 pm | Reply

      That’s cold man. You are just like this site putting a link in thinking you’re going to see some more nude pics of Chris, but in actuality you are sending them to a voting site. Cold….very cold. Especially for someone NOT from the U.S.

  12. Thanks for your edit of the D pic. It Scott Evans’ D pic looks so similar but different enough that I do believe this is Chris’.

  13. Daniel Lachowski | September 14, 2020 at 7:56 pm | Reply

    My friend was fucked by him

  14. Actually, I’d like to think that’s not his, but some other guy’s he had sex with…

  15. I would love to taste that now. Chris has always been so cute.

  16. No one finds it kind of odd or slightly distasteful that the posted image of him in this article has a fully naked woman on the poster showing full WAP and all? Guess its just me but I find that odd.

  17. He’s HOT and he deserves the cock worship his getting.

  18. Id like to see whats on those 602 videos posted…..

  19. The fact that he has gone silent about the whole thing makes me think it’s his. And what a freaking cock to behold. I’d love to gag on that sucker till my eyes watered. He could certainly use and abuse me however he wants with that thing.

  20. Rumor is that it isn’t him and it’s a picture from Grindr that someone sent him as a joke.

  21. Everyone’s assuming it’s a dick pic he sent someone, but what if it’s a dick pic he received…??

  22. Fakes. Zoom in and see it for yourself.

  23. He could’ve taken Thanos out with that thing!

  24. That man is so beautifal. This is such a gift even if it was accidental.

  25. He not only has americas arse but also Americas cock and it’s big, thick and absolutely beautiful!! That cock head can do some major damage! Wow! He’s just so perfect. It’s so great to admire such beauty and perfection with this man!

  26. I do believe that is Chris’ d*ick pic! We already seen Scott’s, so compare and contrast. I see a family resemblance.

  27. You can barely see it.

  28. I don’t understand the sudden support for “respect his privacy” when so many women who had their nudes leaked were slut shamed. Not saying that he needs to be insulted but this is how sexism works ! Also, I highly think that its not his dick but someone sending him a dick pic (possibility of him recieving it from someone, actors anyhow most of them live in the closet, who knows, they would support LGBT but not choose to come out). Whatever that is – Chris Evans shouldn’t be humiliated but so shouldnt women who had theirs leaked in the past

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