!! OMG, he’s naked: Competitive Ukrainian bodybuilder Aleksej Pylypenko !!

Competitive Ukrainian bodybuilder Aleksej Pylypenko isn’t like those synthol injection queens! He’s pure muscle! Check out of his competitive bodybuilding work after the jump, as well as her NSFW versions too! Woof.


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26 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Competitive Ukrainian bodybuilder Aleksej Pylypenko"

  1. Waaaay better without all that dumb paint(?) on his body

  2. What can’t we all look like this. Simply a beautiful man perfect in every way

  3. first time i fall in love with a bodybuilder – yummy

  4. If I dress up as Russia, he can invade me 🙂

  5. Richard E Vestal | September 1, 2022 at 2:22 am | Reply

    OMG, is it real? I want to touch.

  6. Not cute at all!!! Bodybuilder bodies are kinda gross.

  7. Love a nice, huge, fat, thick, juicy, beautiful, gorgeous #UNCUT COCK with nice juicy sweet foreskin

  8. If he is seeking refuge, I would be open to him…staying at my house until he could stand on his own three legs.

  9. Very handsome AND nice accessories. Wunk-wink

  10. Not much of a fan of beards but never even noticed it once he removed his posing strap! WOW!

  11. So that’ why Putin wants 2 get his hands & probably other body parts on Ukraine! LOL “[email protected] – Grey

  12. He should pull the foreskin back

  13. Hello-

    TOTALLY UNATTRACTIVE!!!!! I have never understood the allure of bodybuilders.

  14. I think we’ve just discovered why Putin really wants the Ukraine.

  15. Where do I sign up to “sponser” that.. I mean him 😀

  16. Wow. Usually bodybuilders do nothing for me. But this guy is actually hot. He’s a gorgeous man.

  17. WOOF indeed! That is one stunning human male specimen. A man’s man, as they used to say.

  18. Well, that’s one picture you do NOT have to “click to enlarge”!

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