!! OMG, he’s naked: ‘Creepshow Holiday Special’ star Derek Russo !!

You may catch stunt guy actor and beast mode man Derek Russo in the Creepshow series’ latest Holiday Special, but the grizzly, beefy rugged actor is a long way away from his days as a Playgirl centerfold! Check him out then and now after the NSFW jump!


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19 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: ‘Creepshow Holiday Special’ star Derek Russo"

  1. Did he ever do actual porn, or was it just a few of his pics that were used in A LOT of different sites & advertisers literally all over the place in many various porn related postings? I especially remember the pic of him on his back with the shirt unbuttoned being used the most and the other of him laying back, legs spread fully hard being used some as well. He’s just as hot & sexy now as he was back then!

  2. it’s funny how since pornhub had the controversy of posting old footage of a young woman who claims that she was a victim of revenge porn, how their remedy was to get rid of millions and millions of gay videos. i don’t get how penalizing gay patrons was a remedy to the problem reported. but that’s okay, i’ve found a site more gayfriendly and pornhub won’t be getting anymore of my patronage.

  3. I remember this guy very well. He was in a Playgirl Campus Hunks issue and then they gave him a solo feature a few months after that. His solo feature was very hot. Thank you for the update on him

  4. He looks better now.

  5. Hot damnnnn he’s hot!! Young and as a daddy!! Wow! More please!!


    • Hmm….”ass people?” Is that actually your species SHANNON? That would explain a lot. Just so we know, do “ass people” usually spend most of their time shit faced and posting troll comments on sites?

    • IF you had an IQ that at least reached into double digits AND knew how to actually fucking read instead of just LoOkInG aT dAh PwEtTy PwIcTcHaHz” you MIGHT have noticed where they said he WAS in Playgirl, dumbass. THAT is why “THE OTHER PICS ARE PORN…………LOL”.

      Jesus F**king Christ some people truly are dumb as a box of rocks! Do you SERIOUSLY have nothing better to do with your life than always coming here to act either like a typical, sad, nasty ass troll OR a total & complete dick head?

  7. Did he do porn or just pose for magazines?

  8. James Michael Willingham | December 22, 2020 at 7:24 pm | Reply

    What a hot man. i could just drown between those mighty cheeks, yes both of them

  9. Annafullaccess | December 22, 2020 at 6:51 pm | Reply

    Ha zzzzzz. I was gonna say I remember this spread.

  10. Wow,first couple of pics were great. Hairy-sweaty-beefy. Then 🙁 he has this dork haircut and shaves his bush. And those last 3 or 4 pics, he was trying way to hard to look hot.

  11. Dam he is hot no matter what age

  12. These pictures are old from when he was in men magazine and also in playgirl.

  13. Hello-

    I wouldn’t mind servicing his yummy “equipment”.

  14. How old are these photos? I’m pretty sure I jacked off (a lot) to this guy back in the 90’s. And I’d do it again now if photos alone could get me off. (DAMN YOU, PORNHUB!!!)

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