!! OMG, they’re naked: Actors Derek Yates, Dave Collins, Bryson James Cooke and more go frontal and rear in HBO’s ‘Minx” !!

Derek Yates, Dave Collins, Bryson James Cooke and more go frontal and rear in HBO’s ‘Minx”! We are all for this degree of unbridled male nudity on the small screen! Check out the pure dick-fest after the jump, you minx!


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28 Comments on "OMG, they’re naked: Actors Derek Yates, Dave Collins, Bryson James Cooke and more go frontal and rear in HBO’s ‘Minx”"

  1. Who is the stud on the right side of the picture? He is so yummy!!!

  2. The best part of this scene was Shane’s full frontal during a slow-mo walk toward the camera. He bounced and bulged and filled the screen with his floppy member while he turned his back on his soapy buddies and adopted a wry grin. The last 10 seconds were the best, but they’re missing here. Don’t miss out on the end of this scene…what’s shown here is sadly incomplete!

    • The last 10 seconds you mention were actually the worst…it’s one of the poorest prosthetics I’ve ever seen. Looks like they glued steel wool to his crotch.

  3. Now this is HOT!! Beautiful men and beautiful cocks! Great series but this is just beautiful! Especially when they’ve been showing one of the main guys w an obvious prosthetic it was nice to see some real men showing some beautiful cocks! HBO Max always has the best!

  4. So much fur!

  5. The one in the middle is Derek Yates he’s an Instathot and wannabe actor. He’s usually mostly naked in his post. There are a few other nude things of him out there on the web.

    • NotThatGuyTheOtherGuy | March 31, 2022 at 12:59 pm | Reply

      He’s not a “wannabe actor”, he is an actor. In fact, he’s been acting long before he had an Instagram account.

      Also, rude much?

  6. Who are the 2 on the left?

  7. I’m a little peeved off that they didn’t really show the dude of colour Dick or buns,tho! What’ up w. that?! ‘-/ – Grey

  8. I rather enjoyed this scene of naked male flesh! Especially, the dude in the middle w.a Big Dick! He’ obvi a “shower!!” 😉 – Grey

  9. This is all I’ve ever wanted. I’m hooked.

  10. Why is it that the shortest guy in the room always has the biggest D

  11. Who is the man showering underneath the window?

    • wolverinetodd | March 30, 2022 at 3:31 pm | Reply

      Derek Yates. Google him and you can see more of his hairy body as well as more dick pics, including him with an impressive erection.

  12. the one in the middle obviously fluffed beforehand. LOL

    • wolverinetodd | March 30, 2022 at 3:33 pm | Reply

      Or thoroughly “washed” it before turning around. However, he’s Derek Yates and he’s got some great pics online that show that he may not have had to fluff that much after all.

  13. This brings back some hot memories of the local YMCA’s Mens Fitness Center. It was unbelievable how much went on in the showers (and sauna and hot tub). Thanks, OMG Blog!

  14. Oh my God…. Those penises are achingly beautiful…. and the butts !!!!…. to die for hehehehe

  15. I’ve fapped to this twice and I’m not done yet

  16. Some serious meat here. Looks like a movie worthy of a “big screen” viewing.

  17. Hello-

    are they main characters on the show? the reason I ask is simple. its
    rather unusual for the main male star or stars of a cable or streaming
    series to have frontal nude scenes.

  18. milky white tanlined booties……I’ve died and gone to heaven. I hope when it’s my time appointed, I can see a view of lovely booties like these before I go….

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