29 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: UK DJ, producer & radio presenter Darryl Williams"

  1. handsome man. I’d hit!

  2. Richard Vestal | April 19, 2021 at 10:32 pm | Reply

    Wow, wow, wow. This beautiful man is yummy to look at, I so desire to eat every ounce of his uncut meat. More pics of him please. Yum

  3. I AGREE…..

  4. Hot guy… Except he ain’t got no pubes!! I love a man w. PUBES!!! I want something musky that I can smash my face in! Mmmm… Yummy! Lol ‘) – Grey

  5. The pubic hair commenters have become more obnoxious than Shannon. Every post it’s the same shit

    • I beg to differ. SHANNON has been vile for over a decade and still Igor allows he/she/it to continue even though she is completely reviled…

      • Shannon is a girl’s name, dude. It’s vile to gender people correctly only if we like/agree with them. That reveals a lot about you. I will agee with the OP, the pubic hair supremacists are far more obnoxious than ole Shan. If you don’t like trans people then leave the planet. Truly,

        • Got news for you. NO ONE knows what the hell SHANNON is, including you. Some have even speculated it’s an invention of the admins to rile up people. I am not any type of phobic.

        • Shutup Morgana, such a drama queen… Shannon is a unisex name, once again you try to stir shit up while making yourself look like a complete tool…

        • Also calling Lola “dude” just contradicts that entire whiny post….

  6. Why , why do these guys shave their pubes. It is so not sexy.

  7. Very sexy!

  8. I just need him to bend over and spread

  9. WOW!! I guess England is the place

  10. SHANNON spare us your virtiol. We know he’s not fire hydrant size which is the ONLY thing you can feel up your prolapse anal canal.

  11. Flawless except for the damn shaved pubes….

  12. Overall gorgeous man!

  13. Beautiful, yet odd that he shaves his pubes but not his fuzzy butt.

  14. Uncut great. Hairless not so great.

  15. SHANNON in 3…2…1…

  16. He can get it

  17. He’s welcome to visit me ANYTIME!

  18. Holy hell. This man is beautiful.

  19. Nail Me

  20. Nice Nice NICE!!

  21. I would eat that ass in a heartbeat

  22. Magnificent.

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