13 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Dutch reality star Ruud Zwaan from series ‘Utopia’"

  1. Hot! Why doesn’t the video include her grabbing his cock, or for that matter, his grabbing his own cock?

  2. Ivan Mauloed from Utopia

  3. he is happy to show his butt and his dick to naked with his friends

  4. Anyone know the name of the dark haired guy in the main photo?!?!! Lmk please 🙂

  5. Guy can multitask. Showering while getting a handy and brushing his teeth.

  6. Nice ween.

  7. Holy crap. Its enormous.

  8. Any man that’s comfortable swing a boner in a men’s shower is alright in my book.

  9. Um, wow! Now that’s a horse [email protected]

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