!! OMG, he’s naked: Emilio Sakraya in ‘Kalte Füße’ !!

German actor Emilio Sakraya appears in Kalte Füße after the NSFW jump, and he’s warming our feet up!


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16 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Emilio Sakraya in ‘Kalte Füße’"

  1. He should see a doctor. His urine looks very unhealthy

  2. it’s probably fake but he’s a cutie so I mean that’s a plus in this situation.

  3. I think if they are gonna allow prosthetic/cgi Penis, then they should do that for all the boobs too ;p lets see how the straight guys like that

  4. The stream is CGI, the peen looks digital too. It seems there’s a fuzziness around the image.

    He’s a cute guy though, the shirtless scene reminds me of Tom Welling on Smallville.

  5. Does he piss mustard? Because that is the yellow-est urine I’ve ever seen. He needs to see a urologist and get him a glass of water. STAT!!!!

  6. Probably stand-in actor or CGI. Otherwise he’s pretty cute. Kind of like a beefier Tom Holland.

  7. I like it. I think it’s the perfect size, width and length.

  8. CGI or photoshop. And pretty bad CGI/photoshop at that.

  9. Hello-

    if it is fake I can’t stand fake frontal nudity. what’s the point?

  10. What is the interest of a dick without body and face ?
    Just a peace of flesh !
    Someone can maybe explain me what is the point because I don’t feel anything special when I buying some sausages at the butchery …

  11. Isn’t the guy in the first picture (in the white t), the one from Glee? And not the same actor as in the other pictures….

  12. Its not a real

  13. I’d rather see his ass, which I’m sure is more promising.

  14. He’s cute, but this ain’t much

  15. Seems a bit like a prosthetic

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