7 Comments on "OMG, they’re naked: Even more menz from the latest season of Naked Attraction Italia Episode 3"

  1. Just reg guy hotness! No, most of the commenters are right… Here in the US, We wouldn’t have such a show, but if, We did… It would be w. Super model lookin’ dudes only! Sad, but True! – Grey

  2. I think its fantastic the amount of body positivity going on in other countries.

  3. Hello-

    this series shows how Europe is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more
    open to sexuality than the U.S.. you wouldn’t have a series such as
    this one in the U.S. even on HBO OR Showtime.

  4. The bald guy is gorgeous. Love the beautiful natural bushes on all of them.

  5. Very hot in a “regular guy, but hot” kind of way.
    I like!!

  6. Will someone please tell me how to access this TV show in the States?

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