!! OMG, he’s naked: Fashion designer Levi Campello gives us a glimpse of a solo collection we needed !!

This year, designer Levi Campello debuted his first solo collection titled “Act 1 Act 2 Act 3”. The show starts with the designer himself in the nude, who slowly transforms into a twisted high-fashion type character. Check out the process after the jump!


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13 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Fashion designer Levi Campello gives us a glimpse of a solo collection we needed"

  1. Nice body, nice ass, nice dick. Have no idea what fashion he is promoting.

  2. I’m just appreciating all the pics, clear, not blurry all. His beautiful body has pubes, OMG, awesome.

  3. I get it now that I’ve actually seen the full video. The post focuses entirely on the nude portion but he does actually show off some clothes in the rest of it. It was a little weird for me, but not all art is for everyone, so have at! Plus, in America a penis will still get attention and being comfortable being naked IS subversive, as much as it shouldn’t have to be. My only criticism is that the video does spend a LOT of time with him just standing there striking low key red carpet style poses while nude and then zooms in on his junk a couple times (which he then leaves hanging out as seen in the photos). So in a way the dick became the focus of the video, not the clothes, which very much seemed like an afterthought. I would have thought he was a bold performance artist (and I do approve of those) and never have known there was a collection being promoted if not for the written words, so maybe a bold concept gone too far, in the sense that it got lots of eyeballs, but took away from the point. How many people who visited for the dick left impressed with the collection? That said, the collection is very well done from what little we got to see of it.

  4. Sigh. That is one beautiful man. Wishing him luck with his career and art.

  5. Very textbook D he has there.

  6. look at me! look at me! look at me! look at me!
    please? please!
    look at me! look at me!

  7. Cute.

    What exactly is this fashion designer promoting?

    • Himself. His work and art. He’s a fashion designer, stylist and artist. He’s showing his work the way he wants.

      There’s more fashion in the video below if you’re alluding to the fact he’s not wearing much in the pics of this blog post.


      Think this blog post obviously concentrated on the fact he got his dick out and not on the fashion. I’m sure he doesn’t mind though. It’s all publicity. It’s working. His name is getting out there by getting his dick out. Good on him!

      It looked very creative to me the way he displayed his work. I liked the longer pants he wore with the high heels and the white shirt he wore with the mohawk in the video … nice dick too

  8. Model *is* designer Levi Campello

  9. While he’s nice to look at. Please explain how this is considered fashion?

    • These are just screen grabs from the 13 min. video https://vimeo.com/526002748
      I would consider this more of an art project that highlights his fashion.
      With Covid, all designers are exploring alternate ways to present their work.
      Much like David Bowie did with his ‘Jazzin’ for Blue Jean’ movie in 1984. He developed the short film in conjunction with his album/song release.

  10. That is not Levi Campello’s model, that is Levi Campello himself!

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