!! OMG, he’s naked: Greg Austin from Doctor Who spin-off ‘Class’ !!

Blonde cutie Greg Austin from Doctor Who spin-off ‘Class’ has some magic in his shorts! Check him out after the NSFW jump!

UPDATE: The images have been removed upon request.

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19 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Greg Austin from Doctor Who spin-off ‘Class’"

  1. Nothing ever leaves the internet… where the hell is this pic?

  2. Link, please.
    I will go crazy sitting at home in quarantine and not seeing his cock

  3. The one time there’s someone/something I want to see, it gets pulled! (Pun not intended!)

  4. Too late. Didn’t see a bloody thing!

  5. Where’s the fucking naked pictures?

  6. OMG WHERE?!

  7. damn i missed it 🙁

  8. Oh wow. He is gorgeous and sexy AF.

  9. And all of a sudden I’ve got magic in MY shorts…

  10. Some guys have all the luck. He is beautiful.

  11. Nice cock! I’d like to feel it in my ass!

  12. So let’s see…we have a couple of pictures of Greg followed by a couple of pics from any uncut John Doe……..yeah OMG blog….really, really need to try harder. Guess anything for click bate to up the ad dollars…….

  13. He’s in Hunters now on Prime.

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