!! OMG, they’re naked: Hugo Catalán & Cristián de la Fuente in ‘El juego de las llaves’ !!

Mexican actors Hugo Catalán & Cristián de la Fuente get naked for a wedding(!?) in the Amazon Prime series El juego de las llaves.

Check out the sexy and absurd moment after the NSFW jump! HEY – any reason, is a good reason.


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14 Comments on "OMG, they’re naked: Hugo Catalán & Cristián de la Fuente in ‘El juego de las llaves’"

  1. I wonder why this Mother of Troll Shannon hasn’t ever been blocked on this website since more than a decade ?

    • EveryBodyHatesShannon | October 12, 2021 at 12:27 pm | Reply

      Shannon is the joke/mascot/troll of the comments. The website sure would be better without its hateful comments, but hey, Shannon surely needs a reason to live. And the candy’s comments section of OMG is it.

  2. So much beautiful fur!! Where can I watch this show?

  3. Rafael Figueroa | October 9, 2021 at 1:16 pm | Reply

    Only Hugo is naked (which is hot nice input hairy cock) but De La Didn’t end isn’t:(


  5. “El Juego de Las Llaves” its AWESOME, Enjoying this second Season alot, I HIGHLY Recommend it….You guys won’t regret it, This isn’t the only Nudes scenes they have, They have MULTIPLE….THE LEAD ACTRESS Maite Perroni she’s a HOTTIE….. she’s Gorgeous….. and Amazing Boobs…

  6. My first reaction was WTF…but it is an Amazon Mexican market TV show…..I will have to watch even though I don’t speak Spanish….

  7. how unrealistic. I see nothing but a lack of various body types. How boring.

    Love that there’s a lot of pubes. Shaving them is gross looking.

    • it’s a tv show.. No one wants to see ‘various body types’ on TV, you have the real life for that.. And the pubes shaving is a personal choice, nothing gross about it.
      The show is boring though, I’m still on season 1..

  8. Hello-

    was this from an actual wedding ceremony or is is from a Spanish t.v. series???

  9. And where can we watch this deliciousness? I’ve had a thing for Christian for a while…

  10. This is fantastic. Beautiful men and so much bush!

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