!! OMG, he’s naked RETRO EDITION: ‘Speed 2’ star Jason Patric in ‘After Dark, My Sweet’ !!

90’s crime drama After Dark, My Sweet stars Jason Patric in a sexy role where he bear-rolls the actress full-stop! Check out this retro nudity moment after the jump!


[via xander]

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18 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked RETRO EDITION: ‘Speed 2’ star Jason Patric in ‘After Dark, My Sweet’"

  1. Sexy! one of the sexiest in Hollywood. what a shame his career went down while other boring actors went up.

  2. Jason Patric’s thick and juicy ass made me realize I love ass and not penis. I would eat that thing like groceries until he squealed

  3. FINALLY, repeated pics at the same angle of a scene. Move on. I do enjoy seeing Jason’s ass, but I was hoping for more, after the first 3 pics.

  4. Why can’t I meet a man like this now….

  5. Where’s the Beef?! Lol

    • Who cares with those thick and juicy hams on display. Replete with manly hair and nuts to remind you he’s 1000% bull.

  6. This brings back memories. I used to rent this movie from Blockbuster many years ago in my college days just so I could “enjoy” this scene

  7. Matthew T Langan | January 5, 2022 at 9:40 pm | Reply

    It’s what’s up front that counts

  8. With that pasty white ass, I thought the Pillsbury Doughboy was stunting as a body double.

  9. Even though his hair is thinning and he’s a little bit older now, I still find him extremely sexy ! Arf arf arf !

  10. That’s one nice rimmable ass!

  11. Disappointing! No frontal.

  12. He’s got a nice thicc azz. Nom nom nom

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