!! OMG, he’s naked: Matt Bomer bares his bum and goes frontal in ‘The Boys In The Band’ !!

Matt Bomer bares his bum and goes frontal in ‘The Boys In The Band’ remake after the NSFW jump!


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26 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Matt Bomer bares his bum and goes frontal in ‘The Boys In The Band’"

  1. I don’t know what you put-downers are talking about!! In the next-to-last shot you can clearly see both width & definition…Some people just wanna go round & round, I guess…Matty is a damn-fine-lookin’ sweet sugar-cookie that I would love to take a bite out of any ol’ time…

  2. Evidently, there were a few seats in the Booth Theatre where you could see Matt front when he took the shower on stage. I did not have one of those seats.

  3. If you watch the movie DEFINITELY watch the after show. It’s a very cool doc about the writer of the play. I LOVED it.

  4. Ha ha – it was an awful play the first time around so trying to introduce a “nude frontal” element to the film version that doesn’t even show a frontal is no surprise. It continues to be as dull as dishwater. Avoid.

    • The original movie was better. The two actors who played Michael and Harold seemed like bad actors. Jim Parsons persona wasn’t believable. Zachary Quinto was too quiet for Harold.

  5. You can’t even see his dick

  6. Maybe theres not much there to see ? his butt is hot thou

    • He’s got on a cock sock like so many Hollywood men wear in movies who don’t want to show the goodies for whatever reason – THAT’S why you can’t see anything but some bush. He may not be endowed, but he also could very well be.

  7. I already had him and he was good, back then.
    Very sweet man.

  8. Just finished watching this. The “frontal” scene is clearly blurred out so as not to show anything.

  9. My life has been made….

  10. Matt is one of the most beautiful people on this planet!

  11. Jim Parsons with Matt Bomer said in an interview that Matt is wearing a sock.

  12. Great butt on Boomer.

  13. Personally, it’s Tony Goldwyn that’s my all-time sex fantasy. And Prince Harry

  14. Gorgeous ass!!

  15. He mentioned in an interview he had a cock sock on

  16. Bomer is perfect.

  17. It’s a cocksock.

  18. Another disappointing you can barely see anything post. Why bother?

  19. That boy has some good genes.

  20. Email is also fake | September 30, 2020 at 11:53 pm | Reply

    He’s a lot skinnier than I remember.

  21. This guy is gorgeous

  22. Wtf was that? Looks promising but you can’t see anything!!

  23. So disappointed, if he was going to show his penis, why not do it right?, it is too dark and it seems like its only half of it but im not sure if it is his dick or his balls sack…

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