18 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Mexican actor Gabriel Soto"

  1. Gene,. That cock would be better surrounded by my asshole. I’m a top but my legs would be up over my head in a minute

  2. A perfect cock.

  3. great cock

  4. I want him so badly. Please come and get me now stud. VA here

  5. I would take that any day of the week. Twice on Sunday.

  6. Nice Cock!

  7. Finally!! This beautiful man showing us that massive beautiful cock!! He’s perfect! His Mexican chorizo can do all the damage it wants to me!! I’ve seen the 2+ minute video of when he cums too!! He’s too beautiful and perfect!

  8. That guy is an actor? he looks more like an Onlyfans model

  9. He’s a hotter version of Gerard Butler.

  10. I want His whole Body in my mouth I’ll give him a Good Sperm Sucking.

  11. Hard as a rock

  12. needs hair!! I remember him from the group Kairo. Mmmmm
    Sadly that group had a homophobe (rumored to be gay himself) Eduardo.

    • Eduardo Verástegui hides behind the church but has always been rumored to be gay. He’s physically beautiful but worked for the Trump Campaign in the past months to get the Hispanic vote for Trump. I’m sure the truth will come out on him! What a waste of man! Gabriel was always the best part of Kairo!

  13. Perfect D!

  14. Nice pecker, but it would look better surrounded by dark curly hair.

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