!! OMG, they’re naked: Mike Vogel peeps Adam Demos’ MONSTER in Netflix’s Sex/Life !!

OKAY! These two are too much to be in one room… much less, shower together! Check out Mike Vogel peeping Adam Demos’ massive appendage in Netflix‘s Sex/Life after the NSFW jump!


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51 Comments on "OMG, they’re naked: Mike Vogel peeps Adam Demos’ MONSTER in Netflix’s Sex/Life"

  1. marilynluvah | March 22, 2022 at 1:50 am | Reply

    I don’t care about fake penises when we have Mike Vogel’s ass at last!

  2. For me it’s all about Mike Vogel’s beefy ass. What a hunk!

  3. From Men’s Health …”And, no it’s not a body double or prosthetic. Demos spoke to Entertainment Weekly and revealed he was entirely comfortable with showing off his junk on television: “I was okay with it because you read the script and know what you’re getting yourself into from the start, so I don’t think you would sign on to a show after reading the scripts and then say no last minute.”

  4. It’s a prosthetic and I found proof. It’s a scene from the 3rd episode of the show, so I went to watch it to see how it played out in the scene.

    If you look at the photos and see how it’s hanging lower than the lower curve of his butt cheek, that means if you saw him from behind, that penis head would be visible dangling almost 3 inches below his nutsack between his legs. However, in the scene at the 31 min 38 second mark, he walks away and you can see him from behind, and there’s no indication of his penis hanging lower than his nut sack (which you DO see between his butt cheeks). Seems they decided to shoot him walk away without the prosthetic.

  5. Well, Sarah Shahi had prosthetic breasts in half of her sex scenes. It wouldn’t surprise me if this was a prosthetic dick. If it’s real, then good for him.

    • The D is prosthetic, too:

      “a member of the prosthetics team confirmed to Newsweek that the scene does indeed feature a prosthesis. In fact, there are prosthetic sex parts used elsewhere in the show, and the prosthetics team has experience making fake penises–including ones even larger than that in Sex/Life.”

      The giveaway for me is that they always danced around the issue. Demos never outright said, “The D is mine” which means he didn’t lie. He said he didn’t use a body double because the body wearing the prosthetic is his. He said they used an intimacy coordinator who made him feel very “safe.” Using a prosthetic is probably what made him feel safe. When it finally came to the question of whether the D is his, Rukeyser said she’d leave that to the audience’s imagination. They had no problem saying, “Yes, it’s him” up to that question. This all just to say that they’re in the business of delivering fantasy, and a lot of people in this comments section bought it so they’re at least doing a decent job. But if you magnify the photo a ton you can see where Demos’s D head creates weird bulges not far from where the shaft begins.

  6. there is no such thing as CG

  7. Ok, if it is fake, all of these other production companies need to take note on how to do a prosthetic penis without having a bush that looks like it’s been growing for twenty years longer than the actors been alive. I saw this and went, there’s not four inches of bush, it’s real!

  8. Wow! Adam is so hot and omg that dick! Of course it’s real, there’s no point of shooting a scene like that with a prosthetic. Some guys are really packing and he’s one of them obviously. Stop being jealous an just enjoy the view..

  9. its fake

  10. Definitely a prosthetic unless Adam got circumcised for the role

    • Finally Vogel ass! Cute!

    • Pretty much, actor is Australian, vast majority of Australia’s his age are uncircumsized, stopped being the norm in the late 70’s here.

      If it were real the answers to the question wouldn’t be coy with this like “A gentlemen never tells” and obvious answering of questions that aren’t asked….ie is it real, response “adam didn’t use a body double” which isn’t answering the question. It’s attempt to create mystery to drive views because they know without views the show get’s canned in a month.

      • Mike Vogel is from a suburb of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the USA! He’s not Australian! And many Aussies, millennials and Gen Z are circumcised. Maybe not the majority since more people of Chinese origins are born there these days anyways, like in Canada.
        But Mike Vogel is 100% circumcised! Just an FYI

        • Adam Demos is the guy with the schlong. He is from Australia. Mike Vogel is the husband – wrong guy.

          • Well even if he’s Aussie, he’s got a pretty good chance that he’s circumcised. Many of the new generations are snipped either as babies and even more so later on in life.

        • Sorry, Gregg, you’re wrong. Most Australian men in their 30s are NOT circumcised. Circumcision has not common practice in Australia for decades now, not even today.

          Source: Lived in Australia, hooked up with Australians born in the 1980s.

  11. Glen w Roebuck | June 27, 2021 at 10:03 am | Reply

    Actually Demos has not sad it was prostectic only that he was comfortabel with the nudity — so if so holy shit!

    • If they gave me a snake like that for a scene, even if it appeared a bit fake in parts, I wouldn’t disclose reality either! 😉

  12. Hello-

    I have had the hots for Mike Vogel ever since he was in The Texas Chainsaw
    Massacre in 2008 in which he co-starred with Matt Bomer. I have seen Bomer naked
    so its hot to finally get to see Vogel’s luscious ass.

  13. Mike Vogel is a case of unintended sexiness. Each time he was on Miami Doctors, I ceased listening to the storyline. That other guy is ok, and his dick looks, if real, like it never gets rigid.

  14. Yum!! I’ll imagine him like this always, prosthetic or not! Beauty!

  15. I don’t know if that is a prosthetic or not, but my ex had a big dick. Also, my friend Shon has a fantastic penis. God gave him three scoops of that. Also, a voluptuous ass. So blessed

  16. Got the same one.

  17. Mike Vogel is so hot and that is one gorgeous ass. Wish we got to see his dick!

  18. flat behind I cant be the only one to notice.

  19. FAKE…..FF..FF..F.A.K.E

  20. Both Mike and Adam are smokin’ hot dudes and no, it’s not a prosthetic (after viewing enlarged image). However, Sex/Life is another hetero, binary rehash.

    • It sure looks like a fake one to me. Even the surrounding area looks like there’s fake skin, merging into the real deal.

      Dude needs to address the issue in a press conference AT ONCE! Heh.

  21. Too bad Vogel didn’t do this when he was in his early 20’s, but he’s still hot now.

  22. Great ass of Mike

  23. WOW, best ass i have ever seen (i’m 70 yrs old) and a cock to die for (i shouldn’t push the die for cuz of my age).

  24. If that’s a prosthetic dick, it’s a very real-looking one!

  25. The guy with the Fake penis has no ASS. Would have been better if the other guy had the fake penis. Speaking of. why don’t they just show what they got for real. Maybe he isn’t that big?

    • That is definitely a prosthetic. His real one is about 1/3 to 1/2 as big. Zoom in about halfway down his sack. You see that part where the shaft weirdly bulges on the right side and takes an odd angle on the left? That’s where his real head begins. It’s clearly inside a prosthetic.

  26. Everybody automatically jumps to “it’s obviously a prosthetic” because, what…a man couldn’t possibly REALLY have a dick that big?!?

    Y’all DO know that they come in a very wide array of different sizes, right? Geeeez…

    • It’s NOT because it’s big. That part is believable.

      It’s because it LOOKS like a prosthetic, with that oddly “low-growing” connective tissue between his d¡ck and his [email protected]!


  27. Wow…if that is real, that is amazing.

  28. Is this finally big enough for resident size queen SHANNON?

  29. Hello-

    I have never understood the point behind a frontal nude scene if a
    prosthetic is used???

  30. That’s… a… really weird looking prosthetic, right?!

  31. That is obviously a prosthetic penis. Meh.

  32. Wowww, that’s gotta be a prosthetic, right?

    • Definitely looks like one to me. The weird thing is I’ve seen an interview or two with the actor but he *never* acknowledges it, even when full frontal is specifically brought up. Just the usual “nudity is a sacrifice we make for our art” stuff. Usually actors readily announce they used a prosthetic.

    • It’s NOT a prosthetic

  33. Woof! Been wanting to see Mike’s backside ever since I first saw him as the blonde airline pilot in Pan Am and I can say that I’m not disappointed.

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