!! OMG, he’s naked: Pro Norwegian ski jumper Halvor Egner Granerud does a nude run !!

Norwegian ski jumper Halvor Egner Granerud let it all hang out during a recorded ski run recently! Check him out hitting the slopes in nothing but skis after the NFSW jump! It’s sure to leave your hills frosted!


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10 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Pro Norwegian ski jumper Halvor Egner Granerud does a nude run"

  1. Is he my type? Not really. Would I say no? Not really.

  2. It must be freezing, it’s almost an innie


    • SHANNON since you’ll never, ever have to worry about getting within a mile of him why bother to comment? Don’t you have better things to do around 1am than make drunken, lame comments on blogs? Having said that, I’m guessing not……

    • Are you in to beastiality or necrophilia or some weird ass shit like that? Or are you just one of “those people” that anybody & everybody with even THE slightest pulse avoids like the plague?? Just curious seeing as every single guy they ever post on here you always have something negative to say about them. Doesn’t being constantly hateful and negative ever get tiring?

  4. Is there a video somewhere?

  5. Bradley Dale Swinderman | January 7, 2021 at 10:07 pm | Reply

    awesome very Nordic-Celtic to be “skyclad” & exhilerating way to warm these cold winter days & nights…way to make the male form natural as our ancient Celtic & Greek forebears taught us to appreciate!

  6. Fuxk I want him

  7. He is cute and sexy!!

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