!! OMG, he’s naked: Oscar Isaac goes full-frontal in ‘Scenes From A Marriage’ !!

Happy Monday! Oscar Isaac goes full-frontal in ‘Scenes From A Marriage’ with Jessica Chastain after the NSFW jump!


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31 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Oscar Isaac goes full-frontal in ‘Scenes From A Marriage’"

  1. I thought I saw his penis but it went by so fast I thought I was seeing things. Both actors are quite good in the 5 part series. I think he is sexier without the extra busy hair and scruffy facial hair. I realize however it was for the character.

  2. I LOVE the darker shade of his penis and balls. Actually, It’s something I adore. I noticed that some Asian and Arabian men sometimes have darker skin on their penis, and I don’t know why I really love that.

    • Well, I’d say 60% of Middle-Eastern men and 90% of South Asian men have such dicks. Includes mine, I am an Indo-Aryan (by Race,Google this term) I have a light body color but a darker dick. I guess it’s to do with our testosterone levels that affects it. Cuz, my penis was light coloured until I hit my adolescence and that has happened to all my friends.

  3. another man ruined for me… very much not a fan…

  4. There’s really nothing great about this man. He’s lucky to be somewhat charismatic to be in so many roles! He shouldn’t of shown that earth worm to the world, not worth it.

  5. Omigod it’s an Oscar Mira Weiner!

  6. Awesome. One of my favorites.

  7. Ha ha ,, goose eggs it says

  8. Rafael Figueroa | October 5, 2021 at 3:55 am | Reply

    Gorgeous uncut cock, only thing that would make him better is if he let his body hair grow

  9. I KNOW……

    • Shannon, Shannon, Shannon…….yet again trying to type while practically falling face down drunk on the keyboard. Give it up. I hope and pray you can see just how utterly stupid and insipid your comment – heck all your comments – are. Give it up.

    • EverybodyHatesShannon | October 5, 2021 at 9:37 am | Reply

      Better this than being a drunk monkey like you…

    • Hi Shannon! Where do you keep your nude photos as I would like to judge you like you did this handsome man.

    • He looks better than the majority of the population! It’s A: not all about tortoiseshell 8 pack abs and 5% body fat, B: it’s nice to celebrate hot normal men that balance fitness with enjoyment of food and life in general, and C: it’s a troll injecting themselves into ANY situation

  10. OscarsNutLicker | October 4, 2021 at 7:42 pm | Reply

    His dick is ok. He’s so cute I’d suck his dick no matter what it looked like though. I’d definitely lick those sexy nuts and eat the f*ck out of that ass. Nom nom nom

  11. OH YES!!! I will be buying this! Thank you OMG.Blog!

  12. Please use the term “full frontal” when it actually happens. It doesn’t in these photos.

    /ˈfo͝ol ˈˌfrən(t)l/
    adjective: full-frontal

    (of nudity or a nude figure) with full exposure of the front of the body.
    “scenes of full-frontal nudity”

    • You obviously didn’t look at all the pictures. Dick: Check Balls: Check. Full frontal.

      • “full exposure of the front of the body”

        And you obviously didn’t read the definition.

        • And you were saying?

          Collins Concise English Dictionary © HarperCollins Publishers::
          informal (of a nude person or a photograph of a nude person) exposing the genitals to full view
          all-out; unrestrained

  13. Oh, nice. I like that in the shots above he has a normal physique rather than a pumped up “action film body” like the MCU cartoons/films.

    The first thing I noticed though was the intact penis. I had heard in the past that he was half Jewish or Islamic but I see that that information was in error!

  14. Cock is uncut, but not especially big, but nice. Those goose eggs though are epic!

  15. OMG!!! He has been one at the top of my full frontal or leaked nude photos wish list for a long time! Never thought it would happen for such a main stream actor though. Dreams do come true! Thanks!!!

  16. Such a beautiful man.

  17. Hello-

    I assume while watching the show Oscar Jr. is on screen for a split micro
    nano second. now if Isaac had gotten up and walked across the room naked
    that would be something.

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