!! OMG, he’s naked: Richard Armitage goes full-frontal and rear in ‘Obsession’ !!

There’s really no other name that sounds more old-timey than one like ‘Richard Armitage’. A name that is giving “first to churn butter in a stable’, etc.

Well, one things for sure – actor Ricky (Dick?) Armitage is showing a LOTTA dick and other buttery goodness in the Netflick’s limited series adaptation of Josephine Hart‘s Damage AKA Obsession. Check out a sneak peek of just some of what goes down after the NSFW jump! –Obsession is right!


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18 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Richard Armitage goes full-frontal and rear in ‘Obsession’"

  1. Yum. Dilfy!

  2. That’s not remotely full frontal. He flashed a bit and was covered by the towel. I watched the show, which was okay for him, but never explained his obsession, the roots of it, that is.

  3. is he cut or uncut ?

  4. He’s a hot guy! The scene of him drying off with the towel is hot! I wish the full frontal scene was more close-up and a still. he has a very nice body! I was not expecting that at all!

  5. He looked better in the Hobbit series with a beard.

  6. I need a man….. I wish I could have him in my bed always

  7. Its legit full frontal according to an interview.

  8. Its real according to an interview. Nice to see a legit full frontal.

  9. Yuck that last scene looks like dogs

  10. He “nailed” her to the wall.

  11. Welp, guess I don’t need to watch now.

  12. Prosthetic? Most seem to be these days.

  13. He can get it

  14. Thank you!

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